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Intense 'sports fan' dad burns son's birthday gift for being the wrong team

Intense 'sports fan' dad burns son's birthday gift for being the wrong team


It's all fun and games until somebody burns a t-shirt.

u/StateThrowaway948375 hosted a birthday party for his one-year old recently and wasn't amused when his friend gave his son a t-shirt with a rival sport logo on it. He then went to Reddit to ask:

AITA (am I the a-hole) for burning my sons gift right after he received it?

My son turned one and we had a party. We mostly celebrated the fact my wife and I were able to keep him alive for a year than him turning one. We told people no Gifts but people brought some anyway. We did the cute cake thing and then opened the few gifts and then was gong to put him to bed while we hung out with our friends.

For background, I’m a huge fan of State University. University of A**holes is our rival. My wife and I are season ticket holders in most sports to State and my son has gone to many games with us. Literally everyone that was at this party either didn’t go to college or went to State and know how big a fan my wife and I are.

Well one of the gifts was a Univ of A**holes shirt. I’m just like WTF (what the f***) is this garbage and I went and threw it in the nearby fire we had going. Everyone laughed and thought it was hilarious, except the buddy who brought it.

He yells out, he was going to return that. I say that sh*t deserves to be burned. He says it was a joke and he was going to take it back. He wanted to see my reaction. Now he is complaining he can’t get his twenty bucks back and never expected me to go and burn it right away.

So who did the Reddit users cheer for?

Were OP's actions 'over the top' or were Reddit users also fans of 'State'? Let's find out!

carsonmccrullers says:

YTA (you're the a-hole) - caring that much about a college rivalry as an adult is so embarrassing.

ChipoTheWoof writes:

YTA. Imagine buying your friend a shirt with a playful metaphor / phrase on it and immediately after they unwrap it, you watch them toss it in the garbage in front of ALL his other friends and yourself. How would that make you feel?

Kinda crazy you feel justified for burning this guy's gift, not only disregarding the shirt but BURNING it in front of all the other people at the party. You sound like a real dick.

HCIBSW warns:

YTA. Karma sometimes takes a long time, watch your kid get accepted at University of A**holes in the future.

Short-Shallot-8047 got a response out of OP when they posted:

YTA. Why would you burn a perfectly good gift? That guy paid for that shirt and gave it to you for your son's gift. why would it matter if it was from another university?

and OP responded:

Because I don't like that school...the school is a rival...

Seems pretty 'cut and dry'! Reddit deemed YTA (you're the a-hole).

Sports rivalries can be fun but how far is too far? Reddit users didn't seem to agree with OP's actions.

Sources: Reddit
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