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Man throws away homeless father's secret cigarettes in wake of stroke, dad loses it.

Man throws away homeless father's secret cigarettes in wake of stroke, dad loses it.


When this man questions what he should do with his dad's cigarettes, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for throwing away my dad’s cigarettes?'

Let me first preface by saying my dad lost all his possessions and the house he was renting last Wednesday due to hurricane Ian, so he has been staying with my partner and myself and we haven’t had power at our house since last Wednesday either so things have been stressful for him, to say the least.

The first day he got here I let it slide as I knew things were hard, but after that I told him from now on I can’t have him smoking here. The reason being is that he has had 5 strokes in the past few years, all due to excessive smoking.

The doctors say if he continues to smoke he will continue to keep having these strokes and eventually die. He is very aware of the situation, yet continues to smoke. I’m not trying to be controlling, I get everyone has their own type of poison, I just want him to be healthy.

Today he went with his friend to get a bunch of stuff done. I have been very clear that I will not tolerate him smoking here. He came back home and asked me to grab something out of his bag and I found a pack of cigarettes in there.

I was extremely aggravated that the first chance he got, he went behind my back and got cigarettes. I told him that I’m throwing them out and he got absolutely livid and said he’s leaving. AITA?

Let's find out.

solopiname writes:

Yta. You don't get to tell an adult what to do. I presume that he is abiding by your rule of not smoking in your house? If so, you are being incredibly unreasonable.

If you are actually considering kicking your ill father out of your house after a major natural disaster because he won't do what you tell him to do, NOT AT YOUR HOUSE then you need to look closely at yourself.

helpavolunteerout writes:

NTA. He shouldn’t smoke in your house, but he is an adult and he KNOWS the risk. You're tyring to protect him from DYING.

goddamwoodhouse writes:

YTA. For god’s sake the man just lost everything, let him have a cigarette.Also, given he’s been smoking for years, the stress of going cold turkey (not to mention everything else he’s just gone through) would be a lot more detrimental to his health. So unless you want to kill the man, let him light up. Geez.

Hmmmm. Did OP do the right thing? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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