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Couple starts family drama by trying to cut costs and throw a 'Zoom wedding.'

Couple starts family drama by trying to cut costs and throw a 'Zoom wedding.'


When this couple wants to do a zoom wedding, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for wanting an online ceremony vs a traditional costly wedding?'

My partner and I are planning to get married in November, and we told our parents that we just want a simple, low-cost wedding. Initially, we were going to do an intimate wedding at my parents' house with just a few family and friends.

But I recently came across this platform called Courtly which takes care of legal online ceremonies so my partner and I just wanted to go for this.

We'll be spending way less since there's no need to hire chairs or decorate the place for the ceremony and we don't have to worry about the reception either since all we have to do is send the Zoom link to whoever would love to hop in and watch our online wedding.

Unfortunately, our parents (from both sides) hate the idea and are making it seem like we're not considering their feelings. But how about our feelings? We're the ones getting married.

TBH, it's not that we're being cheap or anything. It's just that we'd rather use the money for traveling around Southeast Asia than spend it all in just one day. AITA?

Let's see.

Jcbashbash writes:

I mean kind of YTA. I mean honestly it would be better for you to just not have a wedding then do this option. I get why it exists, but you're not in a scenario where it seems necessary.

It just seems like you're trying to pacify both of your parents who want a wedding, when if what you want to do is he low and spend the money on your honeymoon, you just need to make the adult decision until your parents that's what you two have decided, you'll send them photos of your trip or you all can have a get together when you get back.

mrsbluemoon writes:

Do it!!! Omg!!!!! So awesome. Save the money for traveling instead of a stupid wedding!!!! NTA!!!! Smartest person in this forum!!! Go for it. You do you. Parents aren't owed a wedding. Go have fun. If your parents really want a celebration, tell them to throw you a reception on their own dime.

Well, is this couple TA? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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