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Daughter screams at dad for eating her 'expensive' cupcake; he calls her 'a brat.'

Daughter screams at dad for eating her 'expensive' cupcake; he calls her 'a brat.'


When this daughter is angry, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for yelling at my Dad for eating my BD cupcake?'

I (15F) just celebrated my birthday. My family doesn't have a lot of money, so I didn't expect much. Mom cooked my favorite dinner, and we all had ice cream for dessert. I also got a bday card with $25. It was a nice day.

My boyfriend (15M) was invited to the birthday dinner but couldn't make it because he had to work. He felt really bad but promised to make up for it the next day.

Even though he works, all of his paycheck goes to his parents to help support his big (5 siblings) family. He has always been great about finding fun/interesting/creative things for us to do that are free/cheap.

It inspired me to up my game and help find fun/cheap activities for us, but I'll admit that he's still so much better at it.

So, while I absolutely was not expecting a 'gift', I was definitely looking forward to whatever he imagined up for our day.

There's a bakery I love, but it's over an hour away from where we live. The desserts are delicious, but expensive. I often talk about this one cupcake I LOVE from that bakery, but I can only enjoy it when I'm in the city and can afford it.

He doesn't have a car, so he had to take a train, then walk, then take a train back to get me my favorite cupcake for my birthday. He also planned a historic walk of our town, with a bunch of obscure history he'd researched that I didn't know about (it was awesome).

I asked to go home to put the cupcake in the fridge while we walked so it would be nice and fresh for me later. We went on a nice long historic walk and it was a great day.

Not gonna lie. When I got home my mouth was already salivating thinking about that cupcake. When I opened the fridge, it was gone. I found the empty container in the trash.

I went to the living room and asked my parents who ate my cupcake, and Dad dismissively said he did. He thought it was an 'extra.'

I threw a shit fit. I said it was MY bday cupcake and he was an asshole for eating it. He said if my bf really cared about me he would have bought me more than one, and that they gave me $25, so go buy more if it's really that important.

He doesn't think he did anything wrong and is calling me an entitled brat for being upset.

I think my bf went above and beyond to get me that fucking cupcake, much more than my own father did for me, and he should feel ashamed and apologetic for what he did. AITA for feeling this way?

Let's find out.

vinnycapistrano writes:

NTA. He said if my bf really cared about me he would have bought me more than one.

YIKES! Major major major AH vibes from dad.

uharugger writes:

NTA OP. I had a parent who did the same exact thing as your dad, regularly. Then would lose his shit if we called him out on it. He will not change. Hide anything you don't want him to eat. I'm sorry he did that to you.

Well, is OP TA? Looks like her dad is. But maybe it was just an accident. What do YOU think?

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