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Woman retaliates when dad 'forgets' to get her a birthday gift.

Woman retaliates when dad 'forgets' to get her a birthday gift.


When this daughter is conflicted, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my dad I had kind of guessed I wasn't getting a birthday present?'

My, 17f as of today, dad is a di*khead at the best of times. He prioritises his own wants/needs over mine and my brother's (5m) a lot.

We're fed, clothed, and housed and in his eyes we owe him the world for doing that. If he wants a new toy, he gets it and leaves nothing for us type thing.

My dad asked me 3 weeks ago what I wanted for my birthday and I had asked for a new copy of a Switch game my brother had eaten (he actually likes the taste of the stuff put on it, and he was 4, I wasn't too mad). He said yeah that was fine.

On Monday, he came home with a new car. A car. The man wanted a SUV and he managed to find one on the Facebook market place for less than 2 grand, so it's either going to fall apart or cost him 5 times that in repairs.

We already had a car. He did not need a new one. There was no purpose, other than he wanted it so he can look cool to all his pothead friends when he goes to buy his weed.

Today rolled around then, and I got a card, a sharing bag of crisps in a flavour I don't like and an 'sorry OP, the car cost me a bit more than I expected, couldn't get your game.'

And I just said yeah,I kind of guessed that when you came home on Monday, doesn't matter anyways.

He got pis*y at me for that but I just left the house, took my brother to the park and met up with a friend, who agreed with my dad saying I was in the wrong specifically for what I said, nd the car was more important for x or y reason.

So basically, my friend and my dad think I'm an as*hole for saying that, and I don't think I am but my friend said I need to show my dad more respect since he's a single dad and he's just trying to cope. AITA?

Let's find out.

nattraynor writes:

NTA, your dad is angry because when you tell it to him straight he has to deal with the fact that it’s harder for him to lie to himself and say he’s not treating you badly. I have a similar father. Keep your head up, only one more year!

polly-adler writes:

Yeah but still 13 years for the brother. I worry about him growing up alone in that house with such an AH father.

miyuki_m writes:

NTA. You don't owe him for that, he's obligated to provide all of that and would get in trouble if he failed to do so.

The fact that he prioritized a new car he didn't need over your birthday is an asshole move and is even more assholish in light of his notion that you owe him for providing you with basic needs like food and shelter.

If he feels that he does enough and doesn't need to do any more, he is selfish and entitled. I'm so sorry that you're experiencing this. I hope your birthday isn't all bad.

nightowleye writes:

NTA. $60 is like one tank of gas for that SUV, he should have bought you your game for your birthday and it really did come across like he did that just to spite you.

Well, looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU think?

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