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Dad accused of 'starving' teenage son as punishment; wife is livid. AITA?

Dad accused of 'starving' teenage son as punishment; wife is livid. AITA?


It’s been a long day, I have a son named Jack that is 14. He is a horrible picky eater so getting lunch out on the town is a nightmare most of the time. Now I had all the kids with me to go visit a relative in the hospital, everyone got grabbed out of school for it.

The hospital was a 3 hour drive and we went up this morning. By lunch everyone was starving so we stopped by Chick Fi La. There is a trend of putting the mac and cheese on the sandwich with a sauce. Jack mentioned this and I told him I will not buy him more food if he does it and he doesn’t like it.

Well he did it and he hated it. Now everything was touching so he couldn’t just eat the sandwich after taking it off. I didn’t buy him more food like I said and he didn’t eat his concoction that he made.

After that we drove back home and he was really hungry. My wife came home and he started telling her how I starved him. We got in argument for not buying him more even though we could afford it.Both of them think I am a huge jerk for this. AITA should I have just bought more?

Let's see what readers thought.

exactad87 writes:

NTA that said, when a picky eater tries something else, that is brave. It's a fine line between encouraging expanding and discouraging expansion of his diet.

You might try ordering something you Know he likes for yourself (not making a big deal out of it) so if he doesn't like what he tasted after he got his order, then you can offer to exchange. Makes you both heroes

silfystar writes:

NTA. I tell my son the same, but our rule is a little different. He must eat half and then I will consider getting him something else (or usually just let him have part of mine).

I’ll also add my son isn’t a picky eater, so usually it just consists of “this contains X, are you sure? You don’t really like X” but he likes to retry things in case his tastes have change (something else I taught him, that he might have different preferences when he’s older).

burnaftereating6 writes:

For the vast majority of the worlds population, you would be a huge asshole for allowing perfectly good food to be thrown away because you ordered something you didn't like, and now it was "touching".

and yet, people will insist it's child abuse because a teenager had to go 3 hours without eating. NTA.

Looks like OP is NTA here. Any advice for him?

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