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Dad admits to favoring one teenage twin daughter over the other.

Dad admits to favoring one teenage twin daughter over the other.


When this father to two 17 year old twin girls admits that he likes one better, his other daughter goes nuts. That said, it's clear that their mom favors the OTHER daugher. Take a look at this wild story.

throwaway512645 writes:

I (52M) have two daughters (17F) Angie&Julie. The girls are twins but are different in every way.

Growing up Angie shared a lot more interests with my wife, she loved preforming in pageants, cheerleading, the whole nine yards. While Julie shared my enthusiasm for the outdoors, camping and wildlife photography.

It wasn't intentional but over time my wife started spending more time with Angie while I spent more time with Julie. We tried taking the girl to more places together but it'll always end in an argument because they didn't have any shared interests and Julie hated going shopping or seeing her sister preform in pageants while Angie despised the outdoors and always refused to go camping with Julie and I.

I'll say this now, I adore both my girls and I'm incredibly proud of both of them. But the bond I have with Julie is stronger due to our shared interests, same goes for Angie and my wife.

Recently while bird watching Julie broke the camera we got her for her 15th birthday, it was an expensive camera and she was distraught because she knew we couldn't afford to buy her a new one.

I knew how much that camera meant to Julie who wants to work in photography after graduation so I decided to take more overtime shifts and sell some of my personal belongings so I can efford to buy her a new one.

It took me a while but I ended up surprising her with a really nice camera and she was overjoyed, I told her she can repay me by making me an album with all the photos she takes throughout the year.

Angie approached me the next day saying she needs a new dress for her upcoming pageant, this confused me a bit because she usually discusses things like that with my wife. I asked how much she needs and she says the dress wants is 4,050$

I told her I'm sorry but I can't effort to get her that dress right now and she might want to ask her mother. Angie said mom already told her no and she knows I could effort it because I bought Julie the camera.

I tried explaining that a camera and a dress are different but she argued that I could just work more overtime and sell more of my stuff like I did for Julie. When I refused and told her to either find a cheaper dress or rent one she exploded and accused me of favoritism. Although my decision had nothing to do with favoritism I didn't bother denying it.

She is now going to relatives complaining how I favorite Julie over her. From my point of view she can't really complain because my wife favors her over Julie. Besides most of our money already goes towards her pageants and dance competitions so she can't say I don't get her stuff.

Some of my relatives are calling me a jerk for not denying the favoritism but I don't see the point. Angie obviously favors her mom over me and even told me so a couple of times but that doesn't mean she doesn't love me.

So why is it treated differently the other way around? I could really use some insight, am I missing something? AITA?

It's hard to say if this Dad is an AH or not. Are you a parent ? Do you have any advice for this father?

Sources: Reddit
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