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Dad and 3 yo son walk out of Walmart; leave $600 worth of groceries in cart. AITA?

Dad and 3 yo son walk out of Walmart; leave $600 worth of groceries in cart. AITA?


When this mom loses it at Walmart, she asks Reddit:

"AITAH for leaving $600 worth of groceries in my cart and walking out of Walmart?"

My wife was at an appointment so I decided I would take my three-year-old son grocery shopping. We spent over an hour going up and down every aisle and gathered all that we needed. I walk up to the front and there isn't a single teller open, only self-checkout.

There are eight slots in the self-checkout. All of them were full and there were over ten people waiting in line. Four carts were heaping just like mine. Everyone was looking around agast, sighing heavily. I waited less than ten minutes and estimated I would be there another 45 minutes minimum.

I started wondering how to do a teller's job regarding pricing asparagus, green onions, etc. I felt rage coming on because I knew I was going to leave my wife sitting while we waited. I took my kid out of the cart and walked away leaving the heaping cart sitting there.

My sister and my wife said it was dirty for me to not stick it out because all the meat in the cart can't be put back on the shelves per Walmart policy. Am I an asshole?

Let's see what readers thought. They were torn!

notouch756 writes:

Not the AH. Walmart is greedy. And not having checkers is actually a front end leads job to schedule enough checkers and they refuse to. (I used to be a walmart cashier, and a "self checkout cashier". It's on the team leads and management. And the corrupt ceo.

astrozombieinvader writes:

YTA. Don't get me wrong -- you have a right to be angry and Walmart is particularly irritating when it comes to checking out. Plus, relying on just self-checkout is a bad business practice. That said, your silent tantrum means that you literally ruined some food as well as causing employees extra work having to put away all of your stuff.

I don't believe it would take you 45 minutes longer at minimum to check out. Even if 4 carts in front of you were heaping, that would only take out 4 of the 8 spots and it doesn't take a half hour for a heaping cart to check out.

Plus, there's always a chance that they open up a lane or two during that time to alleviate the backup or a person or two bails out.

If you were angry enough to walk out, you probably should have spoke to someone before abandoning your cart.

candidquail0 writes:

NTA not in the slightest. Store lost sale cause not only they expect you to pay for what you are purchasing but apparently we now also work for them as we check ourselves out. I don't mind using self check-out when its a convenience for me, I'm not doing cause the store is cutting staff and cost. If that's the case where is my discount for self-checkout.

So, is OP TA here? What do YOU think?

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