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Dad calls wife psychotic after she photoshops his daughter out of their Xmas card. AITA?

Dad calls wife psychotic after she photoshops his daughter out of their Xmas card. AITA?


When this dad is furious with his wife, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for calling my wife psychotic and leaving to stay with my parents after she photoshopped my daughter out of our Christmas card?"

I (34 M) have been married for 3 years to my wife (32F). Together, we have a set of twins who are 2. I have a daughter from a previous relationship (7).

I have never picked up on any negative feelings toward my daughter from my wife. Although, she doesn’t live with us full time. We have her every other weekend and some scattered weekdays.otherwise she lives with my ex.

Our Christmas cards were sent out last week (my wife did them) and I assumed she used the picture we agreed on; the 5 of us at a beach resort. Wellllll… I ended up finding out my loving wife made an edit behind my back.

Basically, the version of the picture that I thought was being used was only sent to MY family, MY friends, and MY coworkers. But the card that went to her family, her friends, and her coworkers HAD MY DAUGHTER PHOTOSHOPPED OUT OF IT.

Oh best believe I sat her down and said what the F is this. She said that those people don’t really know my daughter (false, her family has met her many times) and she thought it would be weird. So her bio kids get to stay in but MY dauhgter doesn't make the cut?

Long story short, I called her a psychotic b&tch for removing my little girl from the picture and I went to stay with my parents. I have been here all week, other than when I go to pick up the twins.

What she did cut deep. It makes me think she doesn’t see my daughter as family. And she’s just as much part of our family as the twins IMO. I don’t really know what is going to happen, but it looks like we will be fighting over the holidays. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

2stink writes:

NTA. You hit the nail on the head. The effort she put in to remove her step daughter from the family photo says it all and her explanation was complete BS. Good luck. Hope you can resolve.

wonderbe writes:

NTA. If she felt even a bit of remorse, I could see an opening for reconciliation. But the fact of the matter is that she shows no remorse. I would ask her in all seriousness, if her next husband decided to photoshop the twins out of their holiday card to send to his family friends and coworkers, would she feel the same way?

And I would DEFINITELY include and emphasize the “next husband” part to show her how serious this is and that you’re questioning being married to her. Maybe help her feel that deep cut as much as you are.

mick13 writes:

I think what your wife did was awful and the impact it could have on your daughter, if she saw it, would be heartbreaking, especially given her young age. I don't blame you for being as upset as you are...maybe calling her a psychotic b&tch was a bit extreme but I totally get the heat of the moment.

I would suggest that you and her have a calm conversation about the potential implications of her actions on your young daughter and try to uncover the true meaning of why she did it. Maybe include a therapist if you both can't remain calm. NTA.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

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