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Dad asks if he's wrong to go to concert a few weeks after baby is due.

Dad asks if he's wrong to go to concert a few weeks after baby is due.


It's hard to say whether or not you should go out after you have a baby. When this father to be is conflicted, he takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for going to a concert a few weeks after baby is due?'

Keep getting into an argument with my wife, that keep getting worse. we are due to have our first child (our first together she has 3 older children that live with us) later this month.

I bought tickets for a concert that is approximately 3 weeks after her delivery date (if we make it that far) and she keeps accusing me of being not caring for wanting to go to it. Saying she can't believe I care more about a concert than our daughter and how could I want to leave her.

I told her that one night out shouldn't be that big of deal, I'm already using 6 weeks paid time off I have accumulated at my job to be there when the baby is born to be around full time and one night away for a few hours shouldn't be that big of deal.

To be fair There's also a few football games my family has season tickets to that I said I'd like to still go to, but not all of them but getting away for a while would probably be good to refocus with the stress of a new baby.

In that same vein ive kept telling her i can take care of the baby so she can get out from time to time, if its an hour or an afternoon and Before this became a problem I also bought her tickets for a concert about 2 weeks after the one I'm going to (so about 5 weeks after delivery) where I bought her sit down seats to attend because it's one of her favorite artists.

I told her I'd take care of the baby for the night and she could go with her mom and enjoy the concert. She is saying she won't be going because she couldn't leave the baby and doesn't understand how I'm just ok leaving the baby for an evening.

Am I being an asshole and unreasonable for wanting some planned time away to recoup?

Let's find out.

jacogasue writes:

NTA. Parents are people too! You need time for yourself or you will lose your damn mind. She does too. Maybe not a concert if that’s outside her comfort zone but even an hour or two here or there to feel like a person.

I can’t understand all the Y T A votes. Nobody’s life needs to end when they have a baby and nobody needs to be such a damn martyr about it.

intelligentshine34 writes:

NTA It's a concert not a week long trip. OP's MIL can spend one night with wife while he goes to a three hour concert. I am finding all the backlash odd. I had two kids after c-section with my husband working late nights. It's not that serious.

pessimistatlife writes:

Yeahhhhh YTA for sure. You have no idea what life will be like hour-to-hour 3 weeks after her due date. Your wife or kid could have complications, she could be recovering from major surgery, baby could have days and nights mixed up (which, since it's not an only child is a nightmare rarely paralleled in pre parenthood life), etc etc etc.

And most of all, your wife who is bring a whole new human out into the world, at significant expense to her body/mind/energy/etc isn't comfortable with it. Stop being selfish.

Well, the jury is out on this one. Should OP stay home? Is he an AH for even going? What do YOU think?

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