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Dad disinvites daughter from family vacation to punish her for recent behavior. AITA?

Dad disinvites daughter from family vacation to punish her for recent behavior. AITA?


When this mom is annoyed with her daughter, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling my disinviting my daughter from a family vacation after being disappointed in her recent behaviors?'

It's been a tough year dealing with my daughter.(M) She's in her early 20's but has recently resorted to acting worse than she did in her teen years. She's been partying heavily and building a reputation as being easy to sleep with.

She hasn't been as passionate about her studies but has ample amount of energy to do unproductive things. I warned her that she wouldn't be going on vacation with me, and she would also lose my support if she didn't stop this run she's on.

My final straw was when her mother calling me, panicking over our daughter being in a revenge porn that we are still dealing with and spending lawyer fees and peace of mind on. It doesn't seem to be bothering my daughter as much, if anything it made her behavior worse.

As much as I wanted to bring my daughter along on vacation so she could build a stronger relationship with her siblings, I started to view her as a bad influence and I know for a fact she would do something to embarrass me on a trip I'm spending a lot on.

I informed her over the weekend that she wouldn't be coming and the reasons why. It was the first time she acted like something mattered to her and she asked me how her se&% life is of that much importance to me.

I brought up the current legal situation that she's in because of it and how important it is to have fun with self dignity. I shouldn't be hearing anything about her being so open. I shouldn't have to wince every time her name is brought up by a family member. Her takeaway?

That I stopped loving her ever since she turned 15 and that I should stop pretending. I couldn't believe she tried making me feel guilty instead of acknowledging how self destructive she's being. I've been fending guys off her most of her life and for what exactly if she's inviting it?

She hasn't been talking much lately and I think she's gaining introspective on how she's been hurting herself and her relationships. AITA for cutting her out of the trip?

Let's see what internet users had to say.

wholead2742 writes:

YTA. She's the victim of revenge porn (which is a CRIME), and your reaction is to shame her? And she's an adult and her s%$ life is none of your business. Trip or not, YTA.

owlsandcardinals writes:

YTA. Have you tried actually HELPING your daughter? You seem extremely judgmental and condescending towards her, not to mention misogynistic. Your daughter clearly needs your love and support but you're too busy LITERALLY VICTIM SHAMING her. She is 100% right, you suck. I hope you can do better.

nib2319 writes:

YTA. How sad for your daughter. She was a victim of revenge porn. Uninviting her is only going to make her feel like her feelings of not being loved by you are absolutely true. Would you feel the same way if it were a son out there sleeping around? Would you shame him as well? How does your wife feel about it?

Looks like OP is TA. Any advice for him?

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