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Dad gets drunk in front of 5 yo son, say's it's ex's weekend, he's 'off the hook.'

Dad gets drunk in front of 5 yo son, say's it's ex's weekend, he's 'off the hook.'


AITA for getting drunk at the family Christmas party even though my kid was there because it was my ex’s weekend to look after our son?

Yesterday we had our Christmas dinner at my parent’s place. My ex was invited as my parents still really like her and we have a son together. I am 23, she is 23 and our son is 5. This past weekend was my ex’s weekend to have our son.

Yesterday when I got to my parents, I cracked a beer. I had one or two when people started arriving. I said hi to my son and ex but I let her take over looking after him cause like I said, it was her weekend and she wasn’t drinking.

As the night went on I had a few more drinks and I won’t lie I had quite a buzz going on.

At one point my ex pulled me aside and asked me if I was drunk. I said yeah and she got upset and said that my son was around and I needed to be in the right state or mind to look after him. We got into a kind of shouting match where I told her it was her weekend to look after him so I was off the hook.

We attracted attention from other people in the house and we stopped fighting. Later on, my mom was talking to me and she mentioned that I was out of line and should’ve offered to split the time for the night looking after him.

I’m torn because maybe I should’ve been more sober but on the other hand, it was her weekend and if it wasn’t Christmas, I shouldn’t have been expected to be “on call” for the weekend to look after him. AITA?

Here's how people judged OP:

Patpoose187 writes:

This is why immature people should use condoms. Yta, obviously.

honey-smile writes:

YTA - you’re not “on call”, you’re a parent. That doesn’t just start and end on an agreed upon date and time. Grow up.

c_girl_108 writes:

Starting to understand why OPs parents like his ex

Independent-Face-959 writes:

I was at a basketball game and a kid (under 10) came over to his mom and asked for some money for candy. She said “my custody time ended at 5, if you want anything you’re going to have to ask your dad.” Guess which parent wasn’t invited to that kid’s wedding years later?

Comprehensive-Sea-63 writes:

We have a blended family, and I can’t tell you how many times we have had to swap at the last minute. You are always on call when you have kids. Kiddo is sick and desperately wants his mommy? Mommy is coming. Kiddo is having a massive tantrum that mom can’t handle? Dad is on his way.

OrangeCubit writes:

YTA - so if it’s not “your” weekend you just completely ignore your kid? It’s not about looking after him, it’s about spending quality time with him while you can.

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