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Dad refuses to punish son for his angry revenge against family mocking his mom.

Dad refuses to punish son for his angry revenge against family mocking his mom.


Family ridicule is some of the harshest on the market.

One dad had already been upset with his family's comments about his wife. So, when his 11-year-old retaliated against their comments at a family wedding, he refused to punish him.

AITA for refusing to punish my son?


For the past fourteen years, I've been happily married to a woman from the Philippines, with whom I have two children. Ever since I got married my sister Juliet and her husband Mike have been calling my wife a 'mail-order bride.'

For this reason, I'm generally no contact with Juliet and Mike; seeing them at family events but trying to avoid interacting with them.

My younger sister got married last week and during the ceremony the groom, Robert, was joking with Mike and Juliet about how I was a 'slaveholder' and all that idiocy. I talked to Robert later and he admitted that he was totally going along with it, not just passively listening to what Juliet and Mike were saying.

My 11-year-old son overheard it and, as you could imagine, wasn't happy to hear his father accused of buying his mother. So he took the figurines off the wedding cake and threw them in the toilet. He did this in front of everybody and then flipped off the bride and groom.

Now everyone's asking me how I'm going to punish my son. I told them I don't intend to punish him at all.

Yeah, he could have handled it better, and I advised him that next time he should just ask to leave. But I'm not going to punish him.

When adults invite a child to their wedding, insult said child, and are too stupid to make sure the child isn't in earshot, they shouldn't be surprised when said child behaves childishly in response to the insult.

I figure that since he's only eleven I'll let him get away with it this time, if he's still doing stuff like this at seventeen there will be major consequences.

Here are the top comments from readers:


Nta. I'd ask when the adults will be getting punished for bullying first.


Especially since it was hurtful to the son too, since he’s half Asian and they said racist things about Asians.


NTA. Take him for pizza and banish your family from those AH.


I think OP needs to buy that pizza and say this to his son 'The world will not always appreciate it when you stand up for yourself and your family, but I will always support you when you do that.'


Half Iranian adult here - you were amazing OP! Get that pizza, sh*t - throw a party! Take pics and post on social media telling everyone how racist your family is and how they can suck it for the apology.

My mom’s side said some horrid sh*t about my dad - he is freaking amazing and after 44 years of marriage my parents are still going strong. F the haters - you showed your kid you are on his side. That’s what important.


So when are your relatives going to apologize for every single time the insulted you and your wife- verbal bullying by now AND traumatized your son?!

Do you think this dad made the right call in standing by his wife and son or should have made the kid apologize?

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