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Dad reports son's therapist for sharing personal information with stepdad. AITA?

Dad reports son's therapist for sharing personal information with stepdad. AITA?


There are laws that cover what information can be shared between a therapist and a stepparent, but here the law isn't the final judge. We are! So when a guy reported his son's therapist for sharing personal information with a stepparent, he started to wonder if he did the right thing. Here's his story...

AITA for reporting my son's therapist for sharing private information with his stepdad?

My m36 son's (14) dog passed away recently. I signed him up with a therapist because his dog's death has literally left him unable to speak. He's been in therapy for 2 weeks now.

2 days ago, My son called crying saying his stepdad punished him by taking his bicycle and selling it for no reason. I was livid. I went to have a word with his stepdad and he told me that there WAS a reason and that is the fact that my son 'badmouthed' him to the therapist, and claimed that he treated the dog poorly.

I was floored at this. I had an argument with him an asked how the hell he knew and told him to prove that my son said all that. He showed me texts between him and my son's therapist. So basically...the therapist had been giving out private info about a bunch of stuff my son talked about in therapy.

I was even more floored. I went straight to that therapist and we had a huge argument. I told him I was going to report him after he defended himself saying the reason he gave my son's stepdad this info was because of concern as 'a parent'

I said that I don't give a sh*t what the justification was, and went on with my report. He tried to talk about how he felt for my son's stepdad and his concerns as a 'parent' so he didn't think he did anything wrong.

My son's mom called after she found out about the report and she she blew up at me on the phone calling me a controlling a**hole for what I did. I ignored her calls after that but my own wife thought I made a hasty decision and that the real problem was with my son's stepdad not the therapist. Was I in the wrong for reporting him?

Here's what people said, including some experts:


Hey. I'm a therapist. What this therapist did was against the law. Your son was not in danger of hurting himself or someone else. There was nothing helpful that could have come of the therapist telling step dad this info. NTA.


Also a therapist: is there a release of information to share with step dad? If not, that’s a violation in itself. Just because he is married to his mother, it does not make him a legal guardian.

Bio dad still has his rights so kiddo was not adopted etc. OP, if you want to post the state and their credential I will personally give you the information for the licensing board associated with them to file a complaint.


OP did the right thing. Report this a**hole 'therapist.' I feel bad for the kid because out of the four immediate parental figures in his life, three of them are irrefutable a**holes. NTA.


NTA. There's a reason those conversations are private. Not even the parents should know what is talked about. Your poor son is going to have a very difficult time trusting someone else.


NTA. If you live in the US, therapists are not allowed to discuss what happens in therapy unless the child is in danger. The therapist violated your son's rights. Pursue this to the end.

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