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Dad asks if he's wrong to skateboard even though it humiliates his daughter.

Dad asks if he's wrong to skateboard even though it humiliates his daughter.


It's hard to be a parent, especially if you're going through a mid-life crisis of sorts. When this father wants to skateboard but his daughter is humiliated by him, he takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for skateboarding even though my daughter is teased and humiliated over it?'

I have finally been doing the things I've been wanting to do in my life since I got divorced- one of them being a skateboarder. Sure I'm 44 but it's never too late to try to be the badass version of yourself.

My daughter for some reason is humiliated by me taking up skateboarding. Says I'm too old and that everyone at school makes fun of her for it. She said everyone laughs when I show up to school early and skate around the parking lot.

The other day I came to get her and did a little trick on the curb but wasn't able to land it and fell. When we get in the car she starts hysterically crying that I embaressed her and why can't I just be like the other dads and why can't I respect her request to just not skate around her school - she said i'm an asshole and a terrible dad.

A part of me wants to keep her happy and not skate and I get that I might be an asshole for continuing to do what embareeses her but another part of me thinks she needs to be happy for me and let me be my best self and that I'm not doing anything wrong for wanting to be happy. So reddit AITA?

Let's see what Reddit had to say to this dad.

antsttt writes:

I was going to say that you're N-T-A and that it's normal for parents to embarrass their teens no matter what they do, but you're going into her space--her school. So YTA. No teen wants a parent hanging around the school.

nanopsyborg writes:

Are you joking? Read his other comments. He ONLY skates at his daughter’s school and thinks her being bullied will toughen her up. He’s divorced because he cheated on his wife. He thinks women are grudge holders. He’s nothing but a pathetic excuse of a father on a mid-life crisis binge. Nothing about him is a badass dad.

stilletto999 writes:

YTA just for doing it at her school. Go to a skate park or do it on the sidewalk near your house. Absolutely you are embarrassing and humiliating her. People may also think you are trying to pick up teens by trying to be cool around the school. This is just not a good look. The whole school is laughing at you. Their parents are too.

Well, apparently OP is the AH? But is he less of an AH and more of a loser? What do YOU think?

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