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Dad asks if he was wrong to tell 13 year-old son he's 'not fun anymore.'

Dad asks if he was wrong to tell 13 year-old son he's 'not fun anymore.'


In an AITA post on Reddit, which may quickly be moved to the parent shaming thread, this Dad is diasspointed with his son and wanted to let him know. Here's the story.

'AITA for telling my son he's not fun anymore?'

My eldest turned 13 and he went from being a total boy dad to being a total square.

For example, we have a tradition of smashing pie in each other's faces for birthdays. At his 13th birthday party, he gave me a death stare when I went to put our in his face and said 'don't you dare.' My 9yo son was more than happy to take it in the face though.

I even offered to take him ax throwing and he said no because he was worried about getting a splinter.

He's even covering up around me even though I told him it's not anything that I have seen before.

I can't even get a side hug. A few months ago if I hugged him then he'd start to playfully put me in a headlock.

This morning I asked him if he wanted to go to the Coffee Bean before school. Just me and him. He said no. That's like a 13 yo boy turning down a trip to the arcade. I told him I didn't understand why he did not. He said there's nothing to understand. I said I don't understand why he's no fun.

I guess that comment made him cry later in the day but it's true and I'm trying to bond with him.

Here's what people thought in the comments.


Since when is the coffee bean the equivalent of an arcade? 😂


13 year olds often don't find childish games funny any more. YTA if you think that means he's no fun any more instead of understanding that he's growing up and changing his opinions about things.


Welcome to puberty!


YTA, it’s called “being a teenager”, seems like you are on the one who needs to grow up though


Wow! I don't get this kid! My relationship with my dad and my interests remained 100% constant throughout my life and my dad never had to make any adjustments! YTA dude apologize and learn about your kid.


YTA and why not try asking him what he’s interested in. Then use that.


NAH, but you kinda stepped in it. He’s 13, the hormones are coursing through his body, and he’s embarrassed to exist. As parents, we become the most embarrassing people in the world. Just give him some space, keep offering to spend time together, and in a few years he’ll remember that he likes you. And tell him you’re sorry you said he was no fun.


NAH. He's obviously going through something. Try talking to him about it

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