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Dad tells daughter's friend she needs to leave after she jokes about him having a fetish.

Dad tells daughter's friend she needs to leave after she jokes about him having a fetish.


Teens are notoriously known for being disrespectful, it's just part of the package. How you deal with it as a parent, however, is another matter altogether.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a dad asked if he was wrong for making his daughter's friend leave after she made a joke about him. He wrote:

"AITA for asking my daughter's friend to leave my house?"

This happened last week but I still feel very weird about it. I (40m) have a 16 yo daughter Lucy who has a friend Britt (16f). Britt has been friends with Lucy for years and has been to our house countless times. But recently she has been starting to act out in different ways. She used to be such a nice girl but these days she can be quite sarcastic and mean.

We recently got a new carpet in our house and my wife made a rule that no one can wear shoes in the house. Britt came over last week and as she was coming in I asked her to take off her shoes. She answered saying “why do you have a foot fetish or something” which I just thought was a really weird and inappropriate response (and also I don’t…but even if I did what would that have to do with anything).

I said no it’s just that we get this new carpet and we don’t want it to get dirty. I thought I heard her say your dad is so weird or something as they were going up the stairs. Later when they came down for some food Britt was wearing some bright pink socks that I assume were Lucy’s as she wasn’t wearing any socks when she went upstairs.

They caught my eye and she saw me glance down at them and she said to Lucy “see I knew I should cover them up” which to be fair Lucy replied something like “oh sh*t up Britt stop being dramatic.. Anyway, I was feeling uncomfortable so I just said “Britt please can you go home now” she just laughed and said I’m going soon anyway and I said no I want you to leave now please. She got her stuff and left.

After that Lucy was mad with me. She said that Britt was only joking and I completely over reacted. My wife also said that she didn’t agree with the way I handled it. It all just felt really off to me though. I don’t know if I should just laugh it off or not.

Redditors did not hold back on this one.

Responsible_Bet5218 wrote:

Not the AH. You asked her to leave politely after she made inappropriate comments to you in your own home. It would be mean if you forbid her from coming over again, but the comments were uncomfortable to you.

Don’t take them to heart either; she’s 16 and probably trying to show out in front of your daughter for whatever reason. However, maybe you had done something to make her uncomfortable before this moment, since you did say she’s been more sarcastic and mean around you.

OP responded:

Not that I know of. She’s kind of rude to everyone these days. She called my other daughter (18) a pick me girl a few weeks ago. I had to google what it meant.

PassionFew228 wrote:

NTA teens are testing boundaries and learning appropriate social behaviour in different contexts as they become adults instead of children. We are all helping them learn by telling them when it is too far. Too many people do not do this, and it results in problems later on.

Teens need this more than ever as they have less face-to-face interaction than previous generations and more Internet/ less interaction. Well done for politely setting a boundary and enforcing the consequences.

Naive-Hornet4813 wrote:

NTA that was entirely inappropriate for her to do. I’m a victim of CSA and her gross “joking” about you s*xualizing her is disgusting. She can stay out. She’s not welcome in YOUR house if she makes YOU uncomfortable with her HIGHLY inappropriate “jokes”. The point of a joke is someone can laugh at it. Literally no one was laughing.

Every_Caterpillar945 wrote:

NTA. But if I read stuff like this, I'm so glad our parents raised as well as they did. We didn't even call our friends parents by their first name till we were adults. They were mr & ms "lastname" and it was clear we were guests in their house and we were expected to behave as such. We are always welcome in their houses, till this day bc we were never disrespectful or behaved bad.

Clearly, the internet is with OP on this one, it was important for him to shut that kind of talk down.

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