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Dad asks if he's wrong to refuse to pay daughter's tuition after she lied about major.

Dad asks if he's wrong to refuse to pay daughter's tuition after she lied about major.


It cost so much money to send your kid to college, and when they mess it up, it can be upsetting. When this dad is angry at his daughter for lying about her major, he takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for refusing to pay my daughter's tuition after she lied about her major?'

I'll keep this short. My daughter, who is 19, told me she was going to college to major in computer science. I was ecstatic.

I wanted her to do something she could be successful in. I want her to have a wider range of opportunities.

As it turns out, she lied to me. She's majoring in illustration. She got some mail about some art exhibition at her school. I thought nothing of it at first because I knew she was a computer science major. After looking into it a bit more, I found out her work was chosen to be displayed in the exhibition.

I was furious. I've spent tens of thousands of hard earned money for computer science. That's what we agreed on. I told her she can do what she wants but I will not support her. She can pay for it herself or get her mother to pay.

Or she could begin to pay me back for the money she stole from me, interest free.My wife said I'm being unreasonable, that's she's only 19 and asking her to pay for her own tuition is asking too much of her.

I didn't think it was as I agreed to pay for her to study computer science, nothing else. I was also giving her a chance to make what she did right. I was deceived and my money was going towards something I had no say in.

Now my wife and daughter are upset with me. AITA?

Let's see what Reddit had to say.

sowhat5 writes:

YTA, OP. The daughter will be forced to compete against people with a passion for computers. These people have been programming and working on computers since they were in their early teens.

It's also not an 9-5 M-F job for them; it's their life. Those with a true passion will have a computer lab at home and always be pushing that envelope of learning.

Leave her alone. If she's not good at something, she won't succeed and then will change her career path. If she is passionate about something, she will be good at it.

shihsi89 disagrees:

NTA your daughter is a liar and a thief. She could have taken out loans if she really wanted to follow her dreams. Lying to your parent to get funding is a super AH move. Arguments like she is just doing something she loves, or she knows she wouldn't have got funding otherwise, parent is controlling etc. Don't cut it.

mlrout766 writes:

YTA. For most students CS is hard unless itnis something they have a deep interest in. There is a good chance she would fail out. Plus it her life not yours.

Either pay for school or not, not paying for school does not make you an ah,, but putting saying do what I want or I will not pay for school does. Also, many of the top people I know in tech do not have a CS degree.

Well, there you have it. Reddit doesn't know what to believe. Is OP the AH? Is the daughter a thief? What do YOU think?

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