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Dad won't pay for daughter's sweet 16 because mom is behind on child support. AITA?

Dad won't pay for daughter's sweet 16 because mom is behind on child support. AITA?


AITA for throwing my daughter a birthday party but not her half sister?

My wife and I have a 16 year old daughter. I have another daughter who is 15. I was unfaithful, but my wife agreed to forgive me. I have full custody of my younger daughter. My wife and I have raised her as if she were both of ours. Her mother pays child support, but often tries to skip out.

My 16 year old daughter had a sweet sixteen in March, it was a lot of money but worth it. She paid for the food while my wife and I handled the rest. My younger daughter wants to have a similar party for her birthday. Her mother is behind on child support which is a big part of paying for her daily needs.

I told her that we are in a bit of a tight spot and cant afford such a large party at the moment. I technically can afford it, but her mother should have a part in the payment. She thinks it’s unfair. She believes that I favor her elder sister and am punishing her for who her mother is.

Some responses to comments from OP:

I’ve been faithful every since and have shown her I’ve changed by being active in our daughter’s life. Daughter 1‘s mother helped pay for her party. Half sister’s mom should also do the same. I’m giving the same expectations and treatment.

She gets parties for milestones, they both do usually. Younger one had a special party for 10 & 13th birthdays that her mom helped with.

Here's what people had to say:

CrystalQueen3000 writes:

YTA. Stop punishing her because you couldn’t keep your d*ck in your pants.

BreakfastF00ds writes:

That's exactly what it feels like. He's not punishing her because mom is not paying child support, it's because she was born in the first place. Every part of his post reads like he's just mad he got caught and she's the living reminder. What an AH he is.

BishPlease70 writes:

The first sentence 'my wife and I have a daughter'...if he gave a shit about his younger daughter he would have started out with 'I have two daughters' and then gone into the details. He doesn't even care about her, poor kid.

Abba_Zaba_ writes:

Not to mention... you say your wife was 'raised her like her were both of yours.' If that's the case, why is your wife not willing to give her a party? Wife has been 15's mother figure all her life but is on board with denying her a sweet 16?? Why? Because she's not 'hers?'

Maybe I'm reading too deep between the lines (but here we are on reddit so what the hell), but there is some Catelyn Stark/ Jon Snow energy in this story.

CyclonicHavoc writes:

'I technically can afford it.' Then you’re the a**hole. You’re punishing your child for having a sh**ty mother which your child has no part in. You’re holding your child accountable for things her mother did. YTA.

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