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Dad won't pay for son's 'stupid' grad school; threatens financial battle in court. AITA?

Dad won't pay for son's 'stupid' grad school; threatens financial battle in court. AITA?


When this father is angry with his son's liberal arts degree, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for making it clear I won’t be paying for him to go back to school and I warned him?"

My son is 24 and went to school for a theater major, in the nicest way he can’t support himself. He can’t get work and I am not surprised. At the beginning he went to school I made it very clear I would only be paying for his degree and if he goes for a masters he will need to pay all on his own.

He gave me a call and told me he will be going to get a new degree so he can afford to live. He asked if I could pay for it. I do have the money and he knows this since his youngest went to a cheap school. I told him no and that I warned him years ago not to do this. I just think it's stupid. I'm sorry.

That he needs to take loans or do something else. He called me a jerk and I am doubting if I should pay since I have the money.

My son said he'd pay me back. I worry about that. I told him that I would hate to have to take this to court if he decides not to repay me ever. I am very unsure if he would pay me back even with a contract. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

bearyrexy writes:

NTA. You paid for a degree for him and let him know that anything else would need him to step up. I would, however, consider giving him a loan. Documented and official, so that there is no question of it being a gift. To at least save him the cost of the interest. But I would require that he checks his entitlement quickly.

grimygym writes:

YTA. I mean, which is more important to you? Your son's future and ability to survive in this world, or proving a point? Maybe move past this and give him a shot at a good future. Most people have made at least one poor choice in early adulthood.

independentdad9 writes:

NTA, but you Americans must seriously hate your children. "My son is struggling and wants to improve his situation, and I have money to give, but nah. He can F off. " WOW.

Looks like the jury's out. What do YOU think?

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