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Women teaches entitled mom, who yelled at her kids, a lesson.

Women teaches entitled mom, who yelled at her kids, a lesson.


In a post on Reddit DogLvrinVA shared a story about teaching a mom a lesson. It's short, sweet and extremely satisfying. Maybe that's why they call it 'just deserts'?

When my kids were preschoolers we spent every summer morning at the pool. I had a bag full of toys that I took with us so that they could keep themselves amused.

In July a mom and her preschooler started coming to the pool. My kids were cool sharing there toys, since this kid had none with him, until after about 2 weeks, he started demanding my kids' special toys that they were playing with.

The entitled mom looks up from her book and starts berating my children for being mean and not sharing. She tells them to give their toys to her son.

I reached over and took her book. When she asked me what on earth I was doing, and told me to give it back to her, I responded with her own words. 'Why was she being so mean. She should share'

She lost her mind. I just kept on responding that what is good for adults is good for kids. So if she believes my kids are not entitled to the private use of their own property and are mandated to share with others, then she believes the same goes for her. She couldn't have it both ways. I asked her to choose a way she wanted to live. She packed up in a huff and we never saw her again.

People loved it in the comments:


You are my new favorite person 😊


Good answer

DogLvrinVA OP

one of my big bugbears involves adults having one rule for themselves and another for kids.


I would have loved to see their face!!!

DogLvrinVA OP

it was glorious to behold


parenting done right. sadly it wasnt your own kids but the EM that needed the parenting here.

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