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Expecting mom won't let SIL's baby take nap in her child's crib; gets called 'selfish.'

Expecting mom won't let SIL's baby take nap in her child's crib; gets called 'selfish.'


Originally post by u/Rare_Subject_5950:

AITA for not wanting another child using my baby's stuff?

My husband and me are expecting our first baby every moment now. We bought everything and I already prepared the bed, the stroller and all other stuff for our child.

My SIL visited us yesterday with her baby (2months old). All was well until my niece got tired and had to take a nap. So my SIL asked to use our crib. Well... I don't feel comfortable with another child using my newborn's stuff. I can't explain why. It's just how I feel. So I said no. It got awkward so they left.

Today I saw that my MIL texted my husband that I acted like an AH. She also thinks that I am selfish and spoiled. I feel like I could have said yes and the baby could have had a nice nap but I also think that I am right for wanting my baby be the first to sleep in its own bed. So AITA?

Questions, answers and comments:

Note: There were a lot of comments about letting the baby sleep in a car seat, with some people saying that's unsafe, and other people saying it's not. We'll leave most of them out, but know that was discussed ad infinitum.

PrestigiousWedding36 says:

You do realize that two month olds don’t have a nap schedule. Two month old babies take naps when they feel like it. Parents really have no control over that. Seems like you have a lot to learn about babies honestly.

Rare_Subject_5950 OP replied:

Sure. But it's her job to know this and plan an appropriate nap place for her baby.

babymish87 says:

I was NTA until seeing these comments. It's easy to say these things before you have a baby.

Again, have kids never had this issue, but kids are hard and when you are at a family members house and they have a crib it isn't wrong to ask if you can use it. We never did, had the pack n play and they had their own crib at their grandparents.

But I wouldn't have had a single thought if someone asked if they could put their baby in our crib. We had someone borrow our bed for their toddlers. Plan a nap place. I am laughing so hard right now.

Rare_Subject_5950 OP replied:

I would never ever ever ever ever asking people if my baby could sleep in their baby's bed. Never even think about this.

PrestigiousWedding36 says:

YTA. Do you not know about safe sleeping? Babies shouldn’t be sleeping an unsafe areas like a car seat or anything else. They need to be in cribs where they are safe.

Edit: those who are saying that she should let the baby sleep in its car seat, or on a couch. You really need to take a safe sleeping class. Safe sleeping habits prevent SIDS.

Rare_Subject_5950 OP replied:

And their parents should think about that.

KittKatt7179 says:

NTA. It is completely understandable. You are a first time mom. You are going to want to experience a lot of firsts. First time sleeping in his/ her bed is one of them. You are ok. You got all of that stuff for your baby, not anyone else's. They should be the first one to sleep in it, wear it, live in it, be in it. Don't stress over it. You are doing just fine.

Maru3792648 says:

She’s in for a rude awakening. And in a few Months when she’s switching to a toddler bed and realizes that her baby never even wanted to sleep on that g**damn crib she’ll realize how much an a** she was for giving so much value to something material and extremely ephemeral.

arthobbies says:

You’re irrational. Your baby will sleep in a bassinet used by hundreds of other babies in the hospital before yours is born. And when you visit your SIL now your baby will be directed to a couch because you refused to share. All you need to do is wipe down the mattress and put a clean sheet on it soft yta

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