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Father forces grown kids to have dinner with him and their mother. AITA?

Father forces grown kids to have dinner with him and their mother. AITA?


When this older father ambushes his kids into having dinner with him and his wife, he asks Reddit:

"AITAH for inviting my kids to dinner because they never contact me or their mother?"

Me (62m) and my wife (59f) have 3 kids (31m), (26m), (24f) but they never talk to me or their mother at all. They never call us, text us, come to visit, or simply ask how we are doing, and my wife and I both really hate this because we've been great parents. We both get that they are all adults but they could at least say hi even just once a month, but they never do.

It's extremely hurtful as a father, and my wife feels the same way we love our children, and we did the best we could to raise them just to be completely ignored by them in return. If we were bad parents that did something horrible to them I'd understand, but we were never bad parents so both my wife and I just don't get this.

We decided that we wanted to plan a dinner and invite all 3 of them over so that we could be a happy family again because we miss them, but they all ignored our invitations. My wife was sad about this, but I was mad at this point all we wanted was for us to be a family and they all rejected us.

We raised them, gave them a home, food to eat, a bed to sleep on, paid for their education, healthcare, clothes, and in return this is what we got. Are my wife and I TA?

Let's see what readers thought.

pretendact3089 writes:

Yeah, Something is seriously wrong. I think it might be a little narcissistic on their parts to assume that they were great parents and that narcissism is probably the problem. It could also have something to do with the parents politics or beliefs that they keep trying to impose on their kids that make them intolerable.

networknew writes:

YTA. I am tye father to two adult kids. I have always considered it my responsibility to maintain contact. They didn't ask to be brought into this world and don't owe me anything.

So, if I want more contact that's on me. I do not have the issue you have. Lol, my daughter and I talked and agreed to weekly calls. I told her if it's too much to let me know. My son lives in the same town and we see each other frequently.

fractionalfraction writes:

YTA for lying to internet strangers and yourself. You either did - or didn't do - something that has resulted in your kids being indifferent to you.

From the description of your 'great' parenting I'm guessing it's the latter. It sounds like you did what should be considered the bare minimum for those with means, patted yourself on the back and called it a day.

Looks like OP is TA here. Is something fishy going on? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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