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Young woman's foster mom secretly pockets her $17K college funding. AITA?

Young woman's foster mom secretly pockets her $17K college funding. AITA?


"My foster parent stole my college funding, told me she never received it"


For reference, I (24f) lived with my foster parent (60f) for just over 11 years, not adopted, just foster. I began my college education in 2018 and dropped put in 2020. She did not allow me to have my own bank account, she made a bank account under her name (as far as I know) (navy fed) and sent my college funds, scholarships, and grants there.

She set up all of my college information, Fasfa, student portal, college applications, everything was under her name, email, password, unless it required my name (as the student). The only thing I had access to was my student portal.

She said she would give me the passwords but always claimed she forgot them, even when she wrote them down. When she would go to the bank, I would ask if I received any financial aid and she would say I received nothing.

It wasn't until 2020 that I finally left her home. I called Bankmobile to gain access into my account and change the login information and It was then that I realized that all of my funding, scholarships, and grants from the past 2 years (just under $17,000) had gone into her bank account, while I left her house with $300 in my hand.

She was being reimbursed for caring for me, she was using my edd card for groceries, why did she need to take my college funds too? I don't know what to do or if there is anything that I can do...

Edit* the total amount is actually $17,692* imagine leaving foster care with $300 to your name and not knowing that existed 😭😭😭😭 I have filed a police report, I'm waiting to hear back from a deputy to see what the next steps are. I had to call three different police stations to get to the right one 🥲

I've also emailed my former social worker (sw) and attorney and have received a number to call for legal help. I have to do that tomorrow since the office is closed for the day. Thank you all for your insight, I will keep you guys posted as much as I can :)

Edit 2:: deputy called and wrote a report! Now I have to wait for an investigator to get to it! But now that the ball is rolling I'm really hoping I get somewhere with it! Please remember... I took no loans.

College for foster youth is free in my state so I had to pay nothing to go to school the funding was scholarships and grants for my hard work and good grades. She was Paid by the county to house and take care of me. She had my ebt card so there was no reason for her to take payments, especially my school funding...

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NAL, but I grew up in foster care foster parents are notorious for stealing from the kids they're supposed to be watching.

The OP responded here:


An unfortunate truth 😕... I can't help but think she had been using it to fund her trips to Havasu, out of state races, vacations to Hawaii, etc. Since she only started doing that after I started college...


Most foster parents don't take care of kids for the right reasons.

The OP again responded:


What makes it worse is that she was the poster foster parent who could do no wrong... smdh she's gotten away with so much it's ridiculous 😒


They definitely do that. People tend to think foster parents are upstanding citizens, but in reality they can be abusive thieves.


Careful! Fostering is a really noble and selfless thing to do—when done for the right reasons. I don’t think it would be a good idea to paint a picture like fostering should make people think you’re a bad person because people who foster “can be abusing thieves” Foster parents are desperately needed.


Very sorry to read this. If possible, would retain an attorney as they would know how to handle this situation and recoup your loss.


NAL. Contact the college you attended and make them aware of the situation. As a parent of a college student you are protected by FERPA when you turn 18. She should not have had access to your logins. Also make sure there are no outstanding loans. Lat bit, when you were under 18 did she ever post pictures or you on social media? Isn't that a huge no no? Good luck.

So, just awful. If you could give this young woman any advice, what would you say to her?

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