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Mom asks if she'd be wrong to get rid of 'hyper dog' she can't handle with two kids.

Mom asks if she'd be wrong to get rid of 'hyper dog' she can't handle with two kids.


Dogs can be a ton of work, so what happens when they become too much work because now you also have kids to take care of? Should you have known before getting the dog, or should you adjust and do what's best for you, and what you think is best for your dog?

OP starts with some context.

We’ve had our dog for 5 years and she used to be the only responsibility we had. She’s a very hyper dog and requires a lot of attention, and constant amounts of energy. I used to take her with me everywhere and on 4 walks a day.

Since having the dog we've had 2 children, currently aged 2 & 6 months. It’s difficult to give the dog the same amount of attention we used to, and to take her with me everywhere. It’s a handful just taking the two kids out on my own as it is (my partner works 6 days a week).

The new reality means less time for the dog, and more worry about the kids.

Since having kids her walks have been limited to 2 times a day, and out in the garden every hour. Because of the way the dog is it’s hard to have her around constantly because she knocks the kids over takes food out their hands.

The dog sounds a bit out of control, but OP said it had puppy training.

The dog is completely unaware of where she sits, and has stood on the baby, chewed up countless amounts of toys teddy’s and dirty nappies out the bin. She is full of energy and it’s hard to cope on my own with the 3 of them. I also study and do all housework.

She wants the dog to go, but her partner doesn't agree.

The dog is a huge stress because I have to constantly keep an eye on her around the kids. My partner thinks I’m being harsh when I say I want to rehome the dog, and that I’m overreacting. My partner says there’s no way I’m getting rid of the dog.

OP really sounds like she's about to lose it.

However I say the dog deserves the attention she used to have, and I deserve not to have to struggle trying to do it all just to save face by not rehoming her. I love my dog and she’s a part of the family, and we would be giving her to a member of the family we see often I just can’t cope with the stress.

Here's what people had to say in the comments:

MagicianGOBBluth says:

This is so common and it’s so awful. Get a dog, love it for a couple of years, get bored, have kids and suddenly the dog is chopped liver. This is the kind of thing that keeps shelters full to bursting.

Yes, YTA for taking on a thinking, feeling creature, a family member, and then abandoning it because it’s inconvenient for you. You can, of course, do whatever you like, but please don’t get a dog again.

powerebytoebeans says:

So she should not have children to accommodate a dog? Give me a break. NTA OP. Dog will be happier in a better fitting home.

havartna says:

Spot on. I just don’t understand how so many people can’t separate the concept of a thoughtful and responsible rehoming from the concept of abandoning a dog at a shelter (or on the side of the road.)

Sometimes rehoming is a necessity. In some cases it can be an upgrade for the animal.

EsmerldaWeatherwax says:

NTA at all. You'll get called TA by the weird animal lovers brigade because they have a very skewed view of reality. You're going to be told that it's your fault the dog isn't trained or some other nonsense.

Don't listen to that rubbish. Not everyone has the time, skills or experience to fully train a dog, and even if you did, adding two children into the mix changes the dynamic completely.

So there you have it! Do you agree with the 'weird animal lovers brigade' and OP's partner? Are you a member of the weird anmial lovers brigade? Or do you think the best thing for everyone is to get the dog to a different home?

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