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Woman asks if she's wrong to cut contact with grandma after she 'exorcised' sick mom.

Woman asks if she's wrong to cut contact with grandma after she 'exorcised' sick mom.


When this woman is upset with her grandma, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for not talking to my grandmother after she orchestrated an exorcism on my mother?'

Last month, I had a family gathering of sorts at my mothers maternal house where all my aunts and uncles were present.

My mother was still adjusting to the dialysis and would frequently feel nauseous so was on heavy medication. Her eyes were droopy majority of time.

My mother has a rocky relationship with her mother and so when my grandmother made an offensive remark my mother glared at her. That made my grandmother think that she is possessed.

Wow. 2 days later, an aunt of mine tells my father there’s a family thing and invites us.

My parents go there.(the place is an hour away) Turns out it was an exorcism.

My grandmother went to a con man she trusted and he told her that my mothers chronic kidney disease wasn’t because of scientific reasons but because she was possessed by the soul of a woman that died of the same disease and hence and exorcism had to be done.

My mother comes back home all hysterical and still isn’t talking to people involved in this on her side of the family. My father says that although what they did was wrong, they had good intentions.

My grandmother had a huge operation last week and my father asked me check on her. And call her. Which i did not. My father says what happened doesn’t concern me and I should talk to her. I disagree. My mother is more important to me. AITA?

Well, let's find out.

nickmullensmustache writes:

NTA. Your mom needs to divorce your dad. Your grandma is psychotic and he just goes along with it.

citizensfund82 writes:

NTA im pretty dure what they did was illeagal. and for sake of argument lets say demonic or other possession is real. Had they gone through actual professionals. They would have been told it was not necessary.

quicksilver1964 writes:

NTA. And really hope your dad does not get sick in the next twenty years or you will have to legally perform a fake exorcism to show him how you also had good intention like his mom, as she knows best. In fact, hope your grandma is ready for hers. Goddamn it. Your dad deserves an award for helping torture his own wife.

Well, seems like OP is NTA. What's wrong with this family? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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