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'AITA for telling my DIL she showed us who she really was on her wedding day?'

'AITA for telling my DIL she showed us who she really was on her wedding day?'


"AITA for telling my DIL she showed us who she really was on her wedding day?"

I’m the father of four children. In May my son Neil got married to Debbie. Debbie acted terribly the whole day. Straight up entitled and embarrassing. My oldest daughter was 3 months pregnant and hadn’t told anyone because she has already had one miscarriage.

She was barely showing and Debbie picking a tight fitting bridesmaid dress. My daughter was super sick from morning sickness and Debbie told her she looked disgusting and stop taking attention off of her.

My son who was best man to the groom (his brother) had his wife seated with some cousins across the room at the reception and not at the family table because she wasn’t immediate family.

We did not know this until the reception and tried to have her moved back with our table and Debbie said no it’s her day. It caused a fight and the best man just left before the reception because his wife was snubbed.

A few days after the wedding my daughter miscarried again while Debbie and Neil was on their honeymoon. Debbie felt like that was attention seeking.

My wife, children, and spouses normally rent a house by the beach for Labor Day and because of continued bad blood between Debbie and the rest of the family they aren’t invited. All 3 of my other children basically said if Debbie comes they aren’t going. So Debbie and Neil got the axe.

When Neil asked about it I told him “Debbie showed us who she really was on her wedding day and don’t expect many invites from the rest of the family to do things” Neil was angry and saying it’s not fair that she is feeling left out because she saw on social media where all the girls (including the snubbed sil, her mother, and my wife) went to Barbie movie dressed in pink and she felt left out.

Now he has to tell her she can’t go to the annual beach vacation and she’s feeling hurt. I told him not one person in the family wants Debbie there and I’m sorry that she can’t come.

My son had me on speaker and Debbie started crying say she can’t believe how horrible we are and she wasn’t going to go anyways and don’t expect to see her at Thanksgiving or Christmas ever again. I lost my temper at Debbie and I told her the rest of the family would be relieved to hear it. AITA?

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chordstrike writes:

NTA, and if I were part of your family, I'd be thrilled to hear that I wouldn't see her again at any more family gatherings.

I'm sorry, your daughter miscarried and Debbie thought that was attention seeking? When I tell you my jaw dropped...does Neil know all the details of how Debbie acted on her wedding day and afterwards?

Because there are more than enough reasons to not want her around. Does he think you and the rest of the family are being mean for no reason??

temptingpenguin writes:

NTA. She sounds awful. How well did you know her before the wedding? With people like her I'm always curious if it's a 'looking back I should have noticed she was terrible' situation, or was she friendly and easy-going until the wedding. I hope she's not treating Neil like this.

lunareclipse2024 writes:

NTA!! Debbie is a very entitled person! I am so sorry for your daughters miscarriage!! Debbie and Neil need to a huge wake up call about how the world works. You should have told Neil he was invited but his wife wasn't.

Looks like OP is NTA! Any advice for this FIL?

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