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Husband calls out wife for 'sabotaging' daughters; she stops speaking to him.

Husband calls out wife for 'sabotaging' daughters; she stops speaking to him.


It's normal to be worried about your kids, but what if your significant other is parenting in a way you don't approve of? Can you put a stop to it? When this husband feels like his wife is being toxic toward their daughters, he takes to the popular Reddit forum to ask:

'AITA for highlighting that my wife sabotages her daughters?'

They are 11 and 13. I've noticed her telling them the wrong information at times, or missing out crucial information from instructions and i believe it is to make them fail. I've noticed this pattern and begun to watch.

For example, they have afro hair and she insists on brushing out all of their knots when their hair is dry, before they get in the shower. They sit silently but they have pain across their faces as she tugs at their knots.

I mentioned this at work and one of my colleagues said her daughters should brush their hair when it's wet with conditioner on as the knots will slide out. I noticed that my wife does this to her hair, but still insists her daughters sit and get their hair brushed out?

One of her daughters wanted to bake a cake, and my wife laughed to me afterwards and she said she had missed a crucial step in the recipe and her daughter was upset when she failed - it really bothered me as it seemed to give my wife a sense of satisfaction to leave her daughter to struggle and watch her fail?

One of her daughters didn't like one of my wife's meals that she had cooked (she's insisted the whole family follow her strict diet), and my wife then 'punished' her silently by ordering her many ready meals and putting her on a ready meal diet for the next month, without any explanation? I gently approached my wife with this, and she is now giving me the silent treatment. AITA?

Well, let's find out.

cheerilyterrified writes:

YTA because he labels it sabotage when it's clearly a woman taking pleasure in her kids suffering, and in his comment he said she finds it funny when people get hurt, yet he gently approaches wife. She's also an asshole obviously, and it could be E.S.H. but is attitude was so passive in the face of children suffering.

hersps15 writes:

Exactly. As a white person, it’s totally normal to brush your hair when dry just as it is but my ex had Afro hair and he would only brush when wet with conditioner in because it just would not be happening if he tried it dry. Any person with Afro hair or who knows anything about it would surely know she’s being a dick here! NTA

iDONTgiveafuhabouturfeelings brings up this interesting point:

NTA. But, How many recall the woman who was so jealous of her daughters she was abusing them to death with unbelievable cruelty until one got away? I don't think ppl realize it's not just toxic,but down right twisted.

So there you have it. Reddit is on the fence about this toxic family. Is OP making it worse by saying something? Is the mom TA? What do YOU think?

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