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Husband 'polices' wife's use of her inheritance; she retaliates. AITA?

Husband 'polices' wife's use of her inheritance; she retaliates. AITA?


"AITA for disagreeing with the way my wife wants to spend her inheritance?"

I've been married to Laura for six years. When she got pregnant with our daughter Luana (F5), we agreed that she would stop working. Since then only I guarantee our livelihood. In early 2020 Laura wanted to stop being a SAHM and start her own business, but the pandemic thwarted her plans.

In June 2021 his father died and left as inheritance two houses that had a high sale price. We sell one and we're in the process of moving to the other. Laura decided to cancel her plans to go back to work to live with the money from the sale of the house, and that's fine.

But I told her she should use some of the money to contribute our expenses. Laura didn't like it, because she thinks the money should be just hers and in the future it will be our daughter's.

I think since she decided to give up work, her inheritance should be spent on our daughter, bills, market, gasoline... Anyway, the same things she'd normally spend if she worked. All expenses would be divided by 50/50.

Laura says that her parents' money should only be invested and eventually handed over to Luana and says I'm an asshole for wanting to boss on what she does with money that's not mine. I think I'm being reasonable, but she strongly disagrees with that. AITA?

Let's find out.

martino812 writes:

NTA She has an opportunity to help the household now, but is unwilling to do that? She has a point that it is her inheritance, that is true. She should probably go back to work and keep the inheritance then.

marrantime disagrees:

YTA. Standing back from the question of exactly who owns the money and property, dissipating a substantial inheritance of capital on recurring living expenses would be irresponsible for your family. Having money invested gives a huge degree of security and opportunity.

If you spend the money on living expenses, no one will be much happier immediately. Everyone will be worse off when the funds run out and you have to cut back on what you are used to spending.

kaylieasf writes:

YTA. It’s her money, and her inheritance. You BOTH agreed that she should stop working to take care of your daughter, and you would work and share finances. Her idea is better financially anyway, and in your daughters best interest which should be in your best interest too.

Well, what SHOULD OP and his wife do with this inheritance? Any advice for this couple?

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