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Mom insists the only way her 14 month old son will eat is if she literally throws food at him. AITA?

Mom insists the only way her 14 month old son will eat is if she literally throws food at him. AITA?


'My son only eats food that I throw at him'


Just to be clear I'm not whipping ham hocks at him. My 14 month old son thinks it's funny to throw food from his highchair. So funny that he'll forget to eat it. He's got a pretty good arm too, for a baby.

About a week ago he was eating blueberries and cut up pieces of strawberry and watermelon and he kept throwing them at me. Finally I got fed up and tossed a blueberry back at him. It bounced off his chest, he looked down at it, then back up at me, and broke into the hardest laugh I've ever heard come out of him.

I threw a few more pieces of fruit and he was cracking up, but then he reached into his high chair and ate a whole handful of it. Normally he would just eat one bite at a time. This went on and on until he had eaten everything that didn't fall on the floor.

We've been keeping this up for the past week. Sometimes I try to throw the food right into his mouth but so far I've missed every time. I'll be honest though, I'm a little worried about tomorrow, because it's spaghetti night.

After the post began to blow up, the OP provided more information for context.



Wow I'm surprised this got so much attention! I'm tossing breakfast at him now (eggs, fruit and toast), but I will post an update after spaghetti time. I don't feel comfortable putting a picture of him on the internet so you'll just have to use your imaginations.

Some people are worried he might choke if I throw food in his mouth. I'm a really bad shot lol. But, I also had to learn baby heimlich and cpr because his older sister had (has) such a sensitive gag reflex and choked on food constantly.

Like her gag reflex is so bad she has to have a warning on her chart when she goes to the dentist because she will throw up or gag if you touch the back of her mouth. When he started eating solid food, I didn't want to take any chances, so I also bought a thing called a LifeVac that apparently sucks objects out of a baby's throat if they're choking.

I've never had to use it but it's right next to his highchair just in case! I appreciate all the concern for my baby though thank you for looking out for him!

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this is my favorite pointless story in weeks - adorable and funny. i love the mental image of you trying to Kobe spaghetti into a baby's mouth hahaha


Get a mat. They make them specifically to go under the high chair. It’ll make cleanup a lot easier for the floor at least.


Your son is adorable!


Super f*cking cute! But just as a precautionary tip remember he's still young so if you do yeet something into his mouth be careful with anything that could get lodged in there.

I remember my first born choking on a bit of apple pie when she was around that age and at the time I hadn't learned cpr for a young child and was absolutely helpless. Thankfully one of her uncles was there to save her but that day will be forever burned into my mind.


... may I recommend a trashbag poncho for easier cleanup....

So, are there any parents out there that would have recommendations that they would want to give the OP to help their child with their... eating style?

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