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Man loses it when sister says her sons are superior to his daughter. AITA?

Man loses it when sister says her sons are superior to his daughter. AITA?


Battle of the sexes.

One man was shocked when his sister said some very hurtful things about him and his daughter in comparison to her and her sons. What is worse, she said it right to his daughter's face. Now he wonders if he was too harsh or maybe even wrong to be angry.

AITA for telling my sister she is stupid and toxic for comparing boy/ girl parenting


I (m33) am a single dad to my daughter (f15). She's my buddy and I honestly love her so much. My sister (f38) has 3 boys and has made being a boy mom her entire personality.

She always goes on about how she loves being a boy mom and how raising boys is so much easier than having a girl. I usually just ignore it.

My daughter is a huge Taylor Swift fan and I took her to the opener night of the eras tour. I'm not a Taylor swift fan honestly but it was really fun seeing my daughter have so much fun and just overall being so happy.

Last night I was over at my mom’s and my daughter pretty much only wanted to talk about the concert. My sister happened to be there too. My daughter ended up talking about having to wait about an hour to get merch.

My sister laughed and ended up going on a rant saying how she's so glad she doesn't have a daughter and how easy it is raising boys compared to girls and even went as far as to say she feels bad for me having to be a girl dad. My daughter didn't want to talk anymore and was clearly upset by my sister's words.

That was very upsetting to me. I told my sister she was so wrong to say those things, especially in front of my daughter. And that she's toxic and honestly stupid for thinking raising boys is easier than raising girls.

I told her she needs to find a new personality outside of being a boy mom. She ended up leaving while calling me the biggest AH. My mom also accused me of being rude and basically an AH because my sister just loves her boys and I shouldn't judge her for thinking girls would be more difficult to raise. So AITA?

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NTA. It sounds like your sister is projecting. If she had 3 kids on purpose, she 100% wanted a girl and just never got one. So, now that she’s done having kids, she’s using her anti-girl rhetoric and boy mom perspective as a coping strategy.

That’s just a guess, though. Either way, it’s super weird of her to hyper-fixate on the gender of her children that much, and just plain rude to impose that on your daughter. Good for you for standing up for her.


Or she's just a filthy misogynist. Lots of people actually think the way this sister does. OP absolutely NTA. And it was super important for you to say that in front of your daughter. That kind of talk is damaging to young girls.


Lots of people think boys are easier to raise just because they only bother to parent girls, and do nothing with their boys.


I’m a mother of 3 boys. It’s disgusting how many people told me I was lucky to not have any daughters. I am literally someone’s daughter. OP’s sister is literally someone’s daughter. It blows my mind that people think it’s acceptable to say things like that.


NTA. Why does your sister hate women/girls so much? Like, jfc. Also, one of my favorite and best memories of my dad is him taking me to go see NSync. You f*cking rock, and she'll remember that concert forever.


NTA. She basically laughed at your daughter's personality and interests. You weren't rude because she loves her boys, she was rude because she insulted your daughter. IN FRONT OF HER! And you're right. Boys aren't easier. Gender. Is. Irrelevant. Children are individuals.


Your sister isn’t saying it’s easier to prop you or your daughter up. She’s saying it to bring attention to herself and how wonderful her boys are by comparison, and in general to put you and your daughter down. Very toxic and pathetic behavior. NTA.

What would you say to this father and his daughter?

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