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Man threatens to throw out bipolar pregnant wife's vape. Wife claims abuse.

Man threatens to throw out bipolar pregnant wife's vape. Wife claims abuse.


When this husband is conflicted about his 'crazy' wife, he asks Reddit:

'WIBTA if I threw away all of my pregnant wife's cigarettes and her vape while she's out?'

She has tried to quit smoking before in the past but since she got pregnant she gave up quitting. She's bpd and is refusing to cooperate with any Dr. I wish she would quit smoking for our baby but she refuses.

She doesn't seem to want the baby, she hasn't wanted to name the baby and she's due soon. She used to work hard to take care of herself until her recent mental health diagnosis of bpd 6 months ago.

She picked smoking back up after being close to quitting and now she's been smoking more now than before she tried to quit. She knows it's bad for her because that's why she tried to quit in the first place.

I have offered to help her quit many times because I used to be a smoker but she always changes the subject or gets angry and storms out of the room.

I think she's still smoking because she's resentful of the baby being there and because she doesn't want to accept she has bpd. We used protection so the baby was a complete surprise. AITA?

Let's find out. What a doozy.

artisticleader4800 writes:

Yta. She won't take her meds, doesn't accept her diagnosis, and didn't want the baby. If you take the cigs away you can very well send her over the edge.

You gotta make a decision. Divorce your wife and take the baby and hope she can handle herself. Or see how she feels about adoption and you continue to support her through this.

sonsangim writes:

NTA but it won't work. Addicts don't care about anyone, not their families and not their babies. They're just addicts. She is actively trying to hurt this baby so you should encourage her to either get an abortion or give it up.for adoption because she will not take any better care of it after it is born. So sad.

daloman writes:

YWBTA. I agree, it's a good idea to quit smoking. It is never a good idea to betray a loved one. People have survived being born to smoking Moms. People have survived growing up with parents that smoke.

Again it is a great idea to quit smoking, no argument. Don't lie, don't sneak around. It's too important to your relationship. Too important for your life.

Man oh man. What a story. Was OP in the wrong? What woud you have done?

Sources: Reddit
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