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Man calls pregnant friend a 'parasitic leech'; refuses to foot pregnancy bills. AITA?

Man calls pregnant friend a 'parasitic leech'; refuses to foot pregnancy bills. AITA?


When this man is furious with his pregannt friend, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for calling my friend a parasitic leech & refusing to foot her pregnancy bills?"

I (38 M) used to have a friend Elise (37 F). She got unemployed a while earlier. When I learned about it I helped her financially.

She said I did not have to do that, but I insisted. I want to make it clear that I was not expecting anything in return at the time. We had not discussed repayment. I just told her "We will talk about that later, you should take care of yourself right now."

However, after she had managed to find another job, I got into a few constraints myself. I needed to get through various expenses. I thought it would be nice to ask her for help. I required around $2500, and I knew she had the money as she had gotten a really well-paying job at a multinational company.

I asked her. However, she just ignored my question and said something along the lines of "Whatever you did for me was on you. Your problems are your responsibility. I am not answerable for them. I do not owe you anything, and don't contact me about it again."

I was flabbergasted, but I did not contact her again. I managed to get out of my issues, and she got fired again (I don't want to name the company unless required, but it was in the news that it had recently laid off a lot of people).

By this time she was also pregnant which meant that she required some help. And she asked me for help now.

I told her "Well, how the turn tables", calling her a parasitic leech. I stated that karma had gotten to her, and refused to help her. I stated that I would not give a damn even if she got a miscarriage. She called me names before leaving. I think that I went too far. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

seriousday1958 writes:

NTA for not lending her any money, you should have just told her exactly what she said to you. You are DEFINITELY the AH for the miscarriage comment, the baby is innocent in all this drama. If you wouldn't have said that, you would be 100 not the asshole.

federalferrit76 writes:

NTA. You extended a helping hand to Elise when she was in need, and it's only natural to expect some form of reciprocation, especially when you found yourself in a tight spot.

While you might have controlled your emotions better, her response to your request for help was cold and dismissive. It's unfortunate that she's facing challenges again, but she set the precedent for how she views financial assistance between friends. She can seek assistance elsewhere and hopefully learn that actions have consequences.

kitchendismal654 writes:

NTA but your comment about a miscarriage is way below the belt so you kinda lose your credibility there.

I would be giving her nothing based on what she said to you when you asked for help. It is karma and it does suck to be her. But you haven't done yourself any favours by making such an atrocious comment about her baby dying.

Looks like OP is NTA here. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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