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Man curses at niece when she busts into his 'off limits' office. AITA?

Man curses at niece when she busts into his 'off limits' office. AITA?


When this man lashes out at his niece, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for cursing at my niece when she went into my office when I specifically told her it was off limits to guests?"​​​​​​

My(28M) Sister(33F) is visiting me this week with her daughter/my niece (13F). I was excited to host them in my house as I haven't really seen my family much ever since I moved away from our home state for my career.

For context, I'm a lawyer at a large firm. That means that I have to take work home often, which is why I have a room in my house set up as an office.My office has privileged information about cases and clients.

Long story short, when my sister and niece arrived yesterday and after I helped them get settled in, I told them that there's only one rule that I have for staying in my house: My office is off limits.

Fast forward a few hours and Everything's fine and dandy, I'm just sitting on the couch with my sister, watching a movie, until I get a call from a senior associate at work asking me to do a quick review of a document that he sent me via email.

When I get upstairs, I see the door to my office is wide open and the lights are on. When I go in to investigate, my niece is in there sitting in my chair and taking selfies with her feet on my desk.

I was beyond furious, I only have one rule for guests at my house and it's to stay out of my office. I have that rule for a reason, not only would I be at risk of disbarment but the integrity of the entire case would be jeopardized if any of that information is leaked.

While I'm not accusing her of that specifically, I just don't want uninvolved people in my office taking pictures and posting them on social media where there may or may not be protected Information in view of the camera.

I asked her what the hell she was doing and she said "I was just curious, I want to be a lawyer like you when I grow up" I told her "get the F out and stay out you little b&ch".

My sister came running up the stairs after my niece started crying and she told me that I was a "monster" for "talking like that to a kid." I told her that she had no business being in my office, and my sister said that it dosent matter because "she's just a kid". So, AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

hewhoisperson writes:

She's 13. She was intentionally violating the rule. But still. What's wrong with you? ESH. A solo practitioner (appeals and post-conviction work in appointed criminal cases only) has this to say:

I'd think a fancy pants big firm attorney who has a bunch of privileged crap in their home office just like I do would put a F-ing locking knob on the door and/or keep all materials in locked cabinets when not in active use.

You are not adequately protecting these materials. Sure, your front door locks. But once someone is in the house, apparently they could easily get into this stuff without you noticing in time.

merrymoose76 writes:

ESH. You because as a lawyer, you have a duty to insure that your clients' privileged information is kept confidential. You should not be leaving anything out in plain sight in your office, either at home or at work.

Paper files belong in a locked file cabinet when not in use, and your computer should be turned off and password protected so no one is able to access it. Lock the door to be certain no one has access to your office. Also, cursing at a 13 year old like that was unnecessary.

Your niece because she was told not to go into your office and she did anyway. The selfies and feet on the desk just added insult to injury. At 13, she's old enough to know to follow the rules of your household.

Your sister because she doesn't seem to be teaching her daughter to follow the rules that you set out, and not giving her daughter any consequences for entering your office without permission.

maussel writes:

YTA Those documents and your office in general should be kept locked. This is on you. Yes, she violated the rule and you can reprimand her for that.

But your reaction was extreme and it is not justified by the nature of the documents or the consequences for you if they are seen by unauthorized persons. You projected your own shame on locking them up in your reaction.

Looks like OP is quite possibly TA here. What do YOU think?

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