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Man tells young cousin truth about 'army' dad, cousin is devastated.

Man tells young cousin truth about 'army' dad, cousin is devastated.


When this man wants his young cousin to know the truth about his dad, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for telling a kid his dad’s in prison?'

My cousin Amy has a son Jay about 6 years old. The father Mike of the kid is in prison for theft about a year in and half.

For some reason a few family members thought it would be ok to say that Mike is in the Army and is on deployment. My dad was often away from home because he was in the Marines. It sucked.

I hear Jay talking about how his dad is Ukraine fighting bad guys and he can’t wait until his daddy can come home. I’m pissed. I told him you dad is in prison because he’s a thief not in Ukraine fighting bad guys.

This upset Jay and his mom and grandma come over to yell at me. Mom ended up crying and I left the party after being told to leave. I feel like they could have told that kid anything but because on deployment in Ukraine is disrespectful to people like my dad. AITA?

Hard to say.

cryingoverwangsagain writes:

They’re turning the dad into a role model he isn’t. That’s not good for when the dad gets out and the kid thinks he’s someone to idolize and act like. The fam is the AH for lying and expecting you to lie with them. NTA

flatcontribution writes:

YTA because you took out your anger on a kid instead of the adults who came up with that lie. You could've spoken to Amy privately about how disrespectful you found her cover story and that eventually Jay will find out.

Did OP do the right thing? What do YOU think?

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