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Man won't return ring to mom after his engagement 'disaster,' family is taking sides.

Man won't return ring to mom after his engagement 'disaster,' family is taking sides.


When this man is salty about his mom's engagement ring, he asks Reddit:

'AITA for not returning my mom’s ring?'

Oh, and you're going to freak out when you find out where his mom wants to WEAR the ring.

I (28M) and my ex girlfriend Mela (28F) were together for 7 years. Mela was obsessed with marriage.

She literally had a Pinterest full of wedding ideas for years. Around year 4 of our relationship she started outright saying that she wanted to be married and wanted to be proposed in this way or that way and basically making plans.

I told her that I would think about it. While I loved her, I wasn’t sure if marriage was for me. We had an argument and she made an ultimatum.

Either I propose or we break up. I didn’t make a decision and she broke up with me. I realized I wanted her in my life and I proposed. My mom gave me her engagement ring which wasn’t Mela’s style or size but she seemed happy.

I started getting second thoughts and we got into a fight. Mela took off the ring and gave it back to me. We broke up and we went our separate ways.

I took that as she was giving me the ring. Mela and my mom were close and she was invited to the wedding. Mela is getting married to Devin (25M) who’s apparently head over heels for her and bought her a $15k engagement ring.

My mom wanted to wear her best jewelry for the wedding as it was a lavish event and asked for her ring back.

I told her I wouldn’t give her the engagement ring back as it was mine and I didn’t want Mela to see the engagement ring that she was supposed to have since it would probably make her feel bad since she married the first guy who was there.

My mom is upset. My family is calling me an asshole. Some people are on my side but my dad (who made the ring) said I was a selfish brat. I keep getting nasty emails from relatives about the situation. AITA?

WOW. Let's see what Reddit had to say on this.

beastofgevaudan writes:

NTA -Legally it's yours.

honorthedead writes:

Yta it isn't your ring. It is your mom's ring. She gave it to you under the understanding that it was to be used in a specific use only ie proposing to your future wife.

Since you didn't fulfill your part of the agreement the ring should have been returned to its rightful owner - your mom.

Return the ring to your mom. Your ex fiancee knew it was your mom's ring she wouldn't care if it returns to her finger. Most likely she won't even remember the ring since it is from the past and she is looking forward to her new future with her stb husband.

Stop trying to cling to the past with the ring. The moment your relationship ended you should have returned the ring; the fact you didn't proves that you still used it to remind yourself of what could have been ( reddit psychology 101).

WOW, well, is OP being an AH, or is he straight up crazy? What do you think he should do? And is it weird that mom is friends with the ex?

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