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Man sends struggling step-siblings and ex-stepdad an eviction notice. AITA?

Man sends struggling step-siblings and ex-stepdad an eviction notice. AITA?


When this man feels guilty about evicting his "family," he asks Reddit:

"AITA for sending my stepsiblings and ex step dad a eviction notice since they cant pay the increased rent?"

Ok so I acquired a home as a gift from my dad but I decided to move halfway across the country so I decided to rent it out to my mom and her family for about half of what the rent would normally be for a similar property cause she's my blood.

So about 6 months ago my mom passed away and I decided that I had no real reason to be nice and offer them the lowered rent so about 3 months after the funeral I told them that the rent would be increasing in 3 months to what would be expected for the area and they should either figure out some way to pay the increased rent or they can leave.

They told me they couldn't afford the increased rent since they were mainly relying on my moms income to pay for it in the first place.

I told them Id give them three months to go find another place before serving the eviction notice and they could continue paying the old amount.

So about a week ago I told them that I would not be renewing their lease for the next month and Id expect them to leave by the 15 so I could get new tenants by the start of the next month.

Let's what readers thought.

lucalla writes:

NTA. considering she didn't raise you at all and the step family are practically strangers you've already been more than generous with your halved rent. With such a discount on rent they should've been saving up to get themselves to a more stable living environment.

You also didn't spring this on them out of the blue you gave them 3 months notice which is more than any other landlord would give.

This wouldn't even be an issue and no one would have anything to say if you hadn't even rented to her in the first place and rented to a stranger at full market value.

victorgrimm writes:

Hmmm I am going to side with being a prick after seeing the comment about your mom not raising you. How it reads the three months you gave was basically notifying them you were not renewing their lease.

Since you most likely only had a landlord/Tenant relationship and the lease was with your mom that passed. I don’t think you are wrong at all giving notice and starting early telling them they can’t stay past it. If they don’t want to sign a new lease with the new rate then they need to go elsewhere NTA.

cathline writes:

NTA. Talk to a lawyer in the area of the house so you do this all nice and legal.Go through the house NOW and video tape it. So they can't do any major damage when they leave.

I have had tenants pour concrete down the drain, steal every lighting fixture (including switches), leave the water on to create huge water damage, etc, etc. Get video tape evidence of the state of the house before they leave so you can sue if they pull something like that.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

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