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Man tells mom, 'you should've learned how to cook.' AITA?

Man tells mom, 'you should've learned how to cook.' AITA?


When this man is annoyed with his mother, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for telling my mom she should’ve learned how to cook?"

I (20m) still live with my parents and I really wish my mom had learned how to cook when she was young. My grandparents are from Mexico and they cooked really good food when I was young but now they are all dead and none of the culture or food was passed on.

I want to start learning how to cook but I want to take on a culture that I can pass on to my children and I’ve always been really interested in Spanish food so I’ve learned how to make pallea and all that but my mom wanted me to pass on her parent’s culture and said I should cook Mexican food.

First that heritage is forever dead it would be worthless learning how to cook Mexican food cause the cooking is different from family to family.

I told her if she wanted the culture to be passed on she should’ve learned how to cook especially since that’s a huge plus in a woman.

I basically said she was worth less as a woman cause she didn’t know how to cook and I kind of feel bad and she was kind of hurt since she still tries to cook for us even if it doesn’t come out great it’s pretty sad cause if only her mother taught her.

AITA even after the reasonings I put here? I still put a lot of blame on her mother I’d want my wife to know how to cook.

Let's see what readers thought.

energyabject writes:

YTA for being so mean to your mother about her asking about you possibly learning some Mexican dishes. No they aren’t the same, but it’s the thought and the effort that counts.

This could’ve been a conversation like “hey, I decided because we don’t have our grandparents recipes to try something different because it wouldn’t be the same, however I would love to try making something you suggest and we can work on it together.” Wasted bonding opportunity, and terrible/sexist communication :/

smstonnw writes:

YTA you told your mother she was less of a woman for not knowing how to cook the specific food you want to learn to make. In what world would that not make you an asshole?

bastardbroth writes:

Your mom isn’t responsible for your incapacity to learn a skill that so many people have taught themselves to do just from watching YouTube videos.

Instead of being an ungrateful and hateful child why don’t you lighten the load off of your parents and learn how to cook a basic family meal and actually contribute to the household?

Bad news for you: it’s exceedingly common for men to not only know how to cook but be mavericks in the kitchen. You lacking even that most basic ability to take care of yourself is much more of an indictment on you as a future partner then it is on your mother or her family. YTA.

Looks like OP is TA here. Any advice for him?

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