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Man threatens to move out when sister accuses him of being an 'incel.' AITA?

Man threatens to move out when sister accuses him of being an 'incel.' AITA?


When this man is furious with his sister, he asks Reddit:

"AITAH for ignoring my sister and threatening to move out because she keeps calling me an incel?"

Shortly after I gave my ultimatum, my dad punished my sister by taking away everything that I paid for her like her laptop, her phone, her pc, and her Switch. He told her that "this is your life without your brother" and basically stored them away somewhere that even I don't know.

Since then, my sister became even more aggressive towards me. She calls me "daddy's boy", "snitch", " coward", and many other names whenever we pass by each other both in public and at home. She even started to throw things at me unprovoked even when I'm not looking (they were "soft" things like towels, socks, stuffed toys, or handkerchiefs, but still...).

My mom keeps making excuses for her and even freaking consoled her when she was crying over her things being taken away. That was when I fully realized and accepted that she was mom's favorite.

When I finally told my dad that I wanted to move out, he was understanding. He kept apologizing to me for not doing anything earlier because he was always at work. He's now making up to me by helping me look for an affordable renting space.

My mom, on the other hand, didn't take it very well. She's extremely cold to me now. She told me that I'm "abandoning" her. According to my dad, she cries every night because she can't accept the fact that I'm moving out.

For now, I'm temporarily staying with a kind friend. My dad encouraged me to detach myself from my mom and my sister as soon as possible when I told him that she started to throw stuff at me.

I don't think I would be having any sort of relationship with my mom or my sister anytime in the future. I do feel really bad for my dad for having to deal with my mom and my sister alone.

Let's see what readers thought.

chrisdurand writes:

NTA. Your sister is an ingrate and your mom is an enabler. Rather than learn that there are consequences to insulting a provider, they're throwing tantrums about those consequences - bad enough for a person who should be in adult training, but even worse for your mom.

Take the stuff from your sister and keep it. Don't even sell it - just use it as your own. The resale might not be great, but you can have a spare phone or laptop if you need one.

glindathewitch writes:

NTA. I like the idea of asking your dad for all of the items you paid for, selling them, and using the money for rent. Anytime, your mother says anything just say “you made your choice, and now I have made mine”. Don’t feel bad for your father, he is choosing to stay there. Good luck.

ilikechastity writes:

NTA. Parents should not only be prepared for, but also expect their children to move out sometime between the age of majority and their mid-late 20's. If you live in an abusive household, you should get out of there.

If your mom and sister are being abusive (which it sounds like) you need to get out of there. A certain amount of sibling animosity is normal, but repeatedly doing physical attacks on someone and using abusive language is 100% abuse. Get out before stuff gets really nasty.

Looks like OP is NTA here. What do YOU think?

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