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Man upset with the eggs his girlfriend makes for him. AITA? UPDATED.

Man upset with the eggs his girlfriend makes for him. AITA? UPDATED.


When this man is upset with the eggs his girlfriend made for him, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for refusing to eat the eggs my girlfriend made for me?"

I (28M) spent last night at the apartment of my girlfriend of three months (24F); we usually hang out in my place but this weekend her roommates were out of town and she had the place all to herself.

This morning she treated me to breakfast, which was a nice gesture, but that included sunny side eggs with runny yolk, and I always had a thing with runny yolks. I told her that, and she looked upset.

She said I could have told her while she was making the eggs. I said I was sorry, I forgot. She was acting like I was just being a picky eater and not appreciative of her gesture.

Honestly her reaction freaked me out a bit because it seemed so over the top. But I’m still feeling bad about it and wondering if AITA here for refusing it.

ADDITIONAL INFO: A lot of people asked for more information about what we actually said and how things transpired: I was in the kitchen and could see she was breaking eggs into the pan, but wasn’t paying attention as we were talking about other things.

So I saw she was making eggs but didn’t notice what kind; she didn’t ask me how I’d like them and I also didn’t remember to ask. I only noticed it was sunny side up when we sat down to eat.

I said: “oh baby, I forgot you didn’t know, I have a thing with runny eggs”. She didn’t say anything for a second, then grab the plate and went back to the pan. I told her I could do it, but she told me she’d do it. She came back like 1 minute later and I told her thanks.

And then I noticed she seemed upset. I asked her what was the matter. She said I could have told her how I liked my eggs. That’s when I said I’m sorry, I forgot. And I then she said: I didn’t know you were such a picky eater - and remained upset for most of our breakfast, while I tried to change the subject.

I thought her reaction (even getting upset with something so minor) was indeed over the top and that’s the first time I see her behave like this. When I said it freaked me out is because we’re still in a new relationship and getting to know each other.

Let's see what readers thought.

familiarseason45 writes:

Yta if you truly feel like her reaction was over the top or that it's not okay for her to be a bit disappointed and in her feelings. It doesn't sound like you did a very good job of complimenting and validating the work she did. Nothing you described from her is outrageous or AH material.

Should she have asked? She could have sure, but she was probably caught up with the idea of treating you to a specific meal. You could have told her, but it was easily resolved when she cooked them more for you.

N t a for not forcing yourself to eat the eggs as is but you gotta work on your communication and not treat her like she's being irrational when she is mildly upset and doing more work for you.

leefogs writes:

You’re an AH for calling her reactions over the top. She was embarrassed and upset because she was trying to do something nice for you and ultimately felt like she had failed.

You’re allowed to not like eggs a certain way, she’s allowed to feel bad. Also, how do you forget to tell her you don’t like your eggs a certain way while watching her MAKE the eggs the way you don’t like.

tigrisusgraw writes:

I’m gonna go with YTA for the sole reason that you forgot you don’t like runny yolk when you literally saw her making them? That shit don’t look scrambled while it’s prepared. So I don’t get it. You’re on the better end of 30.

That being said, let me also go against the grain here and say if she went out of her way to make you a breakfast, you should have just sacced up and ate it this one time, and make sure to remind her the next time she wanted to cook for you. It’s a couple eggs for goodness sakes.

If no man figure in your life has ever given you this sage advice, I’ll do it now: eat what the lady prepares for you and do it gratefully. You may not always have the luxury of having it so.

bigbubblytour writes:

YTA. Mainly because you waited till it was plated to let her know you have a preference for your eggs and you won’t eat runny yolk. If it’s something that you refuse to eat, I think it’s more your job to let her know.

Also unless you offered to reheat the egg yourself instead of her then I would think NAH. But I didn’t see anything that indicated either way.

What exactly was over the top about her reaction ? I’m curious if you understand why it’s annoying. Presumably her food was also done but she had to reheat yours because you didn’t bother mentioning it.

OP then offers this odd update:

I should have been clearer. I noticed she was breaking eggs into the pan, but I wasn’t close to her, didn’t know what kind of eggs she was making, and I didn’t remember to specify my preference.

All I meant was I saw she was making eggs, she didn’t do it while I was asleep or out of the kitchen. I just noticed it was sunny side when we sat down to eat.

So, is OP TA here? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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