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Man upsets niece when he brings 6 people to her wedding. AITA?

Man upsets niece when he brings 6 people to her wedding. AITA?


When this man is criticized for bringing too many people to his niece's wedding, he asks Reddit:

"AITA for bringing 6 people with me to my niece's wedding?"

I have 5 children (17M, 16F, 14F, 9M and 9F). My niece, Ayla, got married last Saturday and when I received the invitation as guest, it said "OP's Family" on invite, which, on my mind, included my children, myself and my wife. There was no child-free marriage or minimum age warning.

Even though Ayla is a little older, she always had a lot of contact when she was younger with my children (even more so with my oldest) and has contact at parties.Ayla's wedding was just for family and close friends, with a total of 50-60 people without table markings.

From the invitation, I understood that my family was invited and I took all my children, but considering that my other brother (Ayla's uncle) also brought his 2 children (18M and 14F) because the invitation only included his family. Same on invite.

The ceremony was wonderful, during the party my sister (Ayla's mother) came to ask if everyone really came, I confirmed, she didn't say anything else and I didn't think about anything else.

On Sunday, my sister sent me a message saying that I had been inconvenient to bring 6 people with me to a wedding with few people and that I should have asked the bride and groom if I could take all my children, which almost didn't have enough seats (some missed the wedding so the number matched).

I said that due to the invitation , Ayla included just "OP's family "as guests and i thought all my 5 children were include and that I wouldn't mind just me and my wife going, but there was no limitation or warning in the invitation.

She still doesn't agree, she said that when you have a family that big, you have to confirm if you can take everyone and don't guess. I sent a message to my niece to clarify, but she confirmed that it was a planning error of her, but that she liked everyone there in the end (she imagined that only the older cousins ​​would go).

I'm still being criticized by my sister, so. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

okstar53 writes:

NTA. The invitation said your family. You took your family. If the bride and groom wanted to give you a specific number of seats at the wedding, or if there was an age restriction, the invitation would have said so. Your niece already assured you that it was a mistake on her part, and that it was fine.

badluckbirb45 writes:

NTA. You are right. They should have specified if they didn't want your whole family to come. They were hoping they could could write the invitation that way to look like they were generous hosts.

They didn't want to have a hard conversation with you. If they bother you about it again just say, "I'm not a mind reader. In the future if you don't want all of us present at events be honest about your intentions. Use your words."

catskillkid writes:

NTA. Admittedly this is not coming from the bride but her mother (your sister), but what a weird thing to say. "Just because its in writing and it makes sense and you brother is doing it, you should not believe that AND you have an obligation to ask us if what we wrote is what we meant?"

Talk about refusing to take responsibility. With these rationalization powers I would guess she (your sister) seldom/if ever accepts responsibility for her own acts.

Looks like OP is NTA. What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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