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Man's ex-wife pours blood on old wedding dress for 'zombie' costume with daughter.

Man's ex-wife pours blood on old wedding dress for 'zombie' costume with daughter.


When this man is concerned that his ex wife and daughter are acting 'crazy' on Halloween, he asks Reddit:

'WIBTA for not letting my ex-wife trick or treat with our children?'

So my ex (37F) and I (38M) have been divorced for a couple of years (3 Halloweens). She is a very (*helicopter sounds*) involved mother.

Despite some animosity, we usually are in good terms, mostly because I constantly remind myself to be the bigger person and I compromise a lot.

Halloween was always a happening when we were together, and she took it to the next level in the last few years.

She spends hours on our kids (9M & 11F) costumes. In our agreement kids alternate each year which parent they are with on Halloween. We are okay with the other parent tagging along to trick or treat.

Last year was my year, but she took the lead (in August or so?) on the costumes and did a concept (zombies) with our daughter.

This year was her year, my daughter wanted to be a scary clown, so she also dressed up as a scary clown. Next year is my year and here's the issue:

Last night I was putting my daughter to bed and talking about Halloween. She said that she already knew what she would dress up as next year, a corpse/bloody bride, wearing the flower girl dress from my wedding with her mom (she wasn't born and the dress now fits her).

'Cool!' I said. She went on: 'And mom is going to tear up and bloody her wedding dress so we will be dressed the same!' with a ton of excitment in her voice.

So she wants to trick-or-treat with myself, my new wife (39F) and her two children (8F & 10M) in the wedding dress from our wedding (that she could easily re-sell for about $5K...)... with blood on it.

Am I the only one that sees the irony. WIBTA for telling her it's inappropriate and not letting her trick or treat with the kids, disappointing both kids (and enraging her)?

Let's find out.

maybewalrus writes:

Of course YTA.

It's her wedding dress, it's her own belonging, so why does it bother you ? Just because of the symbolic ? Are you really willing to upset your kid just because your ego is hurt ?

jeeperscreepers writes:

Slight ESH. If she's intentionally trying to make a mockery of your marriage, she's TA. However, if you're getting too ruffled by it under the circumstances (she's always OTT on Halloween, you seem to have a pretty amicable custody share going), so are you.

Do yourself and your current wife a favor and don't let your ex's modifications to an old dress get under your skin.

Well, is OP TA? Or his is ex wife insane? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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