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Man won't allow in-laws to see daughter after they give her 'pyramid scheme medication.' AITA?

Man won't allow in-laws to see daughter after they give her 'pyramid scheme medication.' AITA?


When this man is absolutely furious with his in-laws, he asks Reddit:

"AITAH for not allowing my in-laws to see ny daughter after they gave her 'medication'?"

I know how the title sounds, but please bare with me. Throwaway for obvious reasons. I [24M] and my Wife [24] recently had our daughter in July. She is the best thing to ever happen to my wife and I, and we couldn't be more thrilled to have our little bundle of joy.

She recently got sick while staying with her grandparent's (My in-laws) while my wife and I took a trip for work.

For context, my in laws are really big into "LifeWave/X-39". It's some patch that supposedly helps "regrow stem cells" by "reflecting light rays back into your body" allowing your body to produce more "stem cells to fight off disease's and sickness".

(If you ask me, it sounds like a snake oil and my wife agrees, calling it a pyramid scheme) The only way to get said patches is by spending well over a thousand dollars, and than you're tasked with selling the patches yourself. (It's essentially some multi-level marketing product, where you the more patches you sell, the more money you make.

Falling right in line with my wife's comparison to a pyramid scheme, but MLM's are somehow legal.) Now, I've tried doing research on X-39, and the only comments I've seen praise said product are brand new accounts never used before or after, or their entire profile is dedicated to shilling out for LifeWave/X-39.

In my own research, they appear ti just be over priced stickers. They contain no medication, no "special UV rays" or anything of the sort. They're literally just an overpriced sticker with an air bubble.

But my wife and I have made it very clear that we wanted no part in X-39 nor did we want our daughter to have it. Even if it's fake, we wanted no part in it and on the off Chance it did something, I didn't want our daughter to be used as their lab rat or guinea pig.

Now, before we left our daughter with my in laws, we provided them with some infant medication, just in case she got sick. Can never be too safe, ya know? Well, we return home from rhe work trip early because our daughter wasn't getting any better, so we picked her up and went home.

We were going to give her a bath, and in the process of taking her jacket off, we found an X-39 patch on her arm. Upon finding it, we immediately called her parents and demanded to know why she had a patch on her.

Her parents tried saying that "It's safe for baby! We even ordered the ones for ages 7 and younger!!" And that "It's practically medication!" (Their words.) Which, still didn't answer our question.

So my wife checked the go-bag, and the motrin we gave them was (while it was used), not used very much at all. Her parents tried claiming that someone else in their "group" or whatever "gave it to their son and they got better in a week!" Point is, we didn't buy it nor did we care.

We've made it abundantly clear that we wanted nothing to do with x39 and we didn't want our daughter to be a part of it. They failed to listen.

My wife was on the phone with them for over an hour, and while I don't know the exact length the conversation went to, I know it at least ended with her screaming " going to see my f&ing daughter again, and if you attempt to come to my house we will call the police." Before hanging up.

That was 3 days ago now, and we've had several missed calls from family members, her parents, her siblings and even family friends all saying that we overreacted, and they were just trying to help.

Maybe we over reacted, but we wanted nothing to do with that, and despite making it clear, they went against our wishes and did it anyways. And instead of giving my daughter actual medication, they try to give her some placebo patch.

Her parent's tried claiming that we're "stopping them from seeing their only grandchild over something so small." But we did the want to hear it. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

lowchocolate76 writes:

Yep. NTA. I have had discolouration scars from bandaids. My son has the same issue. He has had to have regular bloodwork done his entire life and I always have to tell the phlebotomists/lab techs no bandages or medical tape. He actually had skin rip off from bandaids when he was an infant and toddler. Which is why I still insist on no adhesive to this day.

Baby was also sick and they didn’t administer the Motrin. Fevers don’t go away with a sticker. That’s fricken dangerous.

lowchoc8 writes:

NTA. They will never see your child without supervision again. The problem is not the patch on itself, while it's still totally BS.

The problem is that your daughter was sick, and rather than following your instruction how to take care of her, they choose to use their own BS method. They are rejecting your parental autority unfairly, breaking your trust, and are now surprised there is consequence.

They are the same kind of grandparent that are told of nuts allergies, but still give peanut butter to their grandchild bc "It is not that serious", and got all Surprised Pikachu Face when parents need to go to the ER bc of allergy reaction after the visit.

lightgoddess writes:

NTA this is a perfect example of someone (family or not) trampling all over your boundaries. How can you trust them when this is what they do? You don’t need more reasons or more trampled boundaries to change the dynamic of your relationship.

If they are willing to apologize and change their behavior, potentially they could earn back your trust. Chances are though, they probably don’t see anything wrong with what they did. So moving forward, you will just be gaslight more and have more boundaries messed with.

Looks like OP is NTA. Any advice for him?

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