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Man yells at wife for using rough soap on kids; people debate cleaning methods.

Man yells at wife for using rough soap on kids; people debate cleaning methods.


'AITA for yelling at my wife for using Fast Orange on the kids?'

For those who don't know what fast orange is, it's a heavy-duty hand soap that's full of pumice bits. It's good for cleaning shop dirt and really messy crap off of your hands, but it feels like liquid sandpaper anywhere else. I keep a bottle of it on my workbench in the garage.

Earlier, the kids, who are 5 and 7, were playing in the backyard, and decided to get in a 'sap fight'. They were smearing sap from one of the trees in the backyard onto each other. My wife was watching out the window and started fretting about cleaning it up, and I told her to just let them have fun and I'd clean them up myself when they were done.

About another 45 minutes to an hour later, I hear an awful ruckus from the garage, and I run out to find my wife scrubbing the kids down with my fast orange, amid a lot of yelling and struggling. I yelled at her to stop doing that and took the bottle away.

I took the kids and rinsed the soap off with the hose. Then I took them in and gave them a bath, and got the sap off with a bit of hand sanitizer before dressing them and putting them to bed.

I then came out and tried to explain to her that it wasn't soap that could be scrubbed onto someone like that, but instead, she got mad and yelled at me for yelling at her, and she went to bed early, which isn't a good sign. I feel bad for yelling, but it was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.

Here's what people had to say to OP:

ChaoticChinchillas writes:

Dude, you have issues. It isn’t painful. I’ve been practically bathed in the stuff and similar things since I was much younger than either of these kids. Stop overreacting about things that don’t matter.

ControlRoyal1994 OP responded:

The youngest has sensitive skin, and this is not the first time she's used something that's hurt him. He gets rashes when non-sensitive soaps are used on him, and both of them were crying.

Slytherin125 writes:

YTA we used that to get sap off all the time when i was a kid, why are you yelling at your wife.

ControlRoyal1994 OP responded:

Because I was panicked due to the kids yelling. She was yelling at them, and they were very upset.

Fidel_Costco writes'

'It's good for cleaning shop dirt and really messy crap off of your hands.' Or, something like sap. It feels rough, sure, but it's liquid hand soap with pumice. It's not acid. YTA.

FairiesWearToms writes:

I mean, my oldest son will fight and cry if I scrub his face with a baby wipe, sometimes kids are dramatic.

vanillaragdoll writes:

My child cried today when I wiped her face off with a warm, damp microfiber cloth. Literally the softest, gentlest thing I could wipe her face with.

SakuOtaku writes:

'Literally the softest, gentlest thing I could wipe her face with.' YTA for not using a baby chinchilla to get the job done! /s

Here are people's ideas for cleaning sap:

WazWaz writes:

NTA, you were reacting to your kids distress.

Tip for sap: try oil (which you then wash off with regular soap)

ControlRoyal1994 OP responded:

Thank you. I put it on after the hand sanitizer, but I've never used it on its own.

Super_Reading2048 writes:

Next time try oil then hand soap. It is how I get fly paper glue off my hands. Google says oil will work on sap (olive or vegetable oil.) I’m going to go with YTA

ControlRoyal1994 OP responded:

Maybe. I used sanitizer, then baby oil.

Throwaway8923y4 writes:

Not sure why you think hand sanitizer would be better for their skin. It’s alcohol and incredibly drying and is not meant to be used in large quantities, especially on children.

jumpypancake34 writes::

YTA. I've used Go-Jo wipes and they are same thing, it's the only thing that can get off tree sap, trust me lol.

You would have sticky sap spots all over your house right now if it weren't for your wife and those wipes!!

ControlRoyal1994 OP responded:

There were no wipes. She was using the liquid stuff.

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