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Wife wants husband to trick-or-treat with 7-month-old, husband says kid's too young.

Wife wants husband to trick-or-treat with 7-month-old, husband says kid's too young.


When this husband is annoyed with his wife's Halloween demands, he asks Reddit:

'AITA - Wife forced me to wear a matching family Halloween costume, I wore it but joked about it and she got mad.'

okfly352 writes:

She wanted us to all dress up like pandas for my 7 month old son's first Halloween. We've been together for 14 years and I've only worn a Halloween costume twice.

I really just dont enjoy dressing up because of how expensive the costume is vs how cheaply made it is. I'm also just not into it.

But I understand she just wants to do a cute family thing so I said OK fine. I did say no first but reluctantly said yes.

So we went trick or treating with my family where I joked with my dad asking where his costume was. When he said he didn't have one I said 'oh that's right because you're an adult'. I also asked my sister and her husband sarcastically why they didn't have matching costumes.

I also thought it was weird to trick or treat with a 7 month old.

She wanted to bring one of those plastic jack o lantern buckets for candy and I thought it was so awkward two adults and a baby dressed up with me taking candy. 'trick or treat' the grown adult says while pushing a stroller.

That candy is obviously not for the baby. She wanted to trick or treat because she didn't get to when she was growing up.

Alright but she doesn't understand trick or treating. Babies can dress up and go out but they don't get candy and thus can't go trick or treating.

So my brother in law and my dad were making slight jokes towards me, nothing too serious and I reciprocated. She was fighting back tears from this. I feel pretty bad but also think she should've expected this after having me dress as a panda. AITA?

Let's find out.

kgbmullet writes:

You totally shat over something she wanted to make nice family memory off. It's even sadder that you ruined it given she didn't get to go as a child. No harm in compensate for missing experience.

Honestly shame on you. YTA. Don't be surprised to be excluded from some important points of your kids life if she figures out it's better to enjoy it only with the kid than not enjoying at all with you present...

stalvis agrees:

YTA. When you say 'she should have expected this,' A lot of men have repeated that same sentiment, over and over, as they work their way through divorce court. How you are now is bad. Change.

Well, looks like OP is TA. Or is Reddit being too harsh? What do YOU think?

Sources: Reddit
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