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Woman gets iced out by BF's mom when she 'destroys' her Christmas tree.

Woman gets iced out by BF's mom when she 'destroys' her Christmas tree.


When this daughter is feeling conflicted about her behavior at her boyfriend's Thanksgiving, she asks Reddit:

'AITA for breaking my boyfriend’s mother’s christmas tree?'

I (18f) was invited to a late thanksgiving on (11/26/22), with my boyfriend’s (19m) family. It was a lovely late thanksgiving gathering because me and my boyfriend spent thanksgiving apart, so his family made a second gathering so they can invite other relatives too.

This gathering was located at his mother’s house, which he is visiting. When we went in, there was this beautiful fully decorated around 14ft tree, that was put up on the first of November.

It was lit up and had many ornaments, it was beautiful decor. We all ate and conversed, it was great! Until, it wasn’t.

They have this huge poodle who is the cutest thing, but, is too hyper. I was sitting on the sofa talking to my boyfriend’s sister.

I was playing with the dog, got given treats from his father and was walking with them. The dog took the whole pack of treats out of my hand, so I ran to get it. No one was in the main room at this point and his sister went to go freshen up.

I was chasing the poodle, when the poodle went behind the tree, I followed, I ran & the light wires wrapped around my feet. I tripped, the light wires tightened on the tree and it fell backwards.

It didn’t fall all the way & it just landed on the wall. But, the ornaments fell off and it was a mess.

Three people came running because it made the most embarrassing sound that could be heard by anyone near by.

I was beside the tree that was now crooked backwards & the mother came and started gasping. My boyfriend checked on me, but, the mother was distraught… for the tree (I still can’t believe this).

The men started to put it back in place even though it was heavy and the mother was still in a frenzy. I apologised, asked her if she needed compensation for any damage, my bf told me that it’s fine and i left with my boyfriend.

I was really close with his mother but now she hasn’t even responded to my message.AITA?

Let's find out.

substanstialswing79 writes:

Not the AH for breaking the tree, it was an accident. But then you say you can’t believe that his mother was distraught for the tree. My tree has ornaments that have significant meaning to me and my family. Maybe hers did too. Give her time to get over her hurt feelings.

saran111 writes:

Come on, really? You broke someones thing but because you don't think it's an important thing, you think she's overreacting. It doesn't matter what the thing is. Yes YTA.

You did the right thing by apologising and offering compensation, but if shes the sort that puts up a tree on Nov 1 and has grown men running to straighten the tree, then she probably also has a lot of expensive and/or sentimental ornaments on it. They may not be replaceable and she may hold onto the grudge a good while.

rakeishph37 writes:

YTA.You didn't pay attention when giving treats to the dog (otherwise you wouldn't have lost the bag of treats).

You didn't pay attention running after the dog (otherwise you wouldn't have tripped the lights).

I'm noticing a common theme here.

Well, looks like Reddit is torn on this. Is OP TA?

Sources: Reddit
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