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Mom berates son, 'just elope, don't get married at an evil temple.' AITA?

Mom berates son, 'just elope, don't get married at an evil temple.' AITA?


When this mom is frustrated with her son's wedding plans, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for telling my son to just elope since clearly he wants no one religious people to show up?"

My son is getting married and we got the invitation today. I am still in the faith and he was raised but he left which is okay. The rest of the family is still religious if they do it on the down-low or they are really involved.

He always talked about wanting a small wedding and the woman he is marrying has a very small support group. It’s just her and her sister due to their parent being gone.

Now before he talked about getting married on he beach, which made the grandparents upset that it wasn’t the temple but they got over it after I told them to knock it off.

He was upset with them but I thought they got over it. He sent out the invitation and it was at the "satanic temple." I called him if he was joking and he told me no. That they wanted him married in a temple so he is getting married in a temple.

I have been getting calls from everyone asking me what is happening. I told him that if he doesn’t want anyone religious there then just elope because none of the family will be going.

He called me a jerk for siding with them. I got a text from his fiancé and she told me I am a jerk for not support him on this. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

greenbunnyblue writes:

NTA. You made no demands on his wedding. You are not trying to force him to return to your family religion. You told the grandparents to stop pressuring him to marry in the temple and then they did So far you haven’t done anything wrong.

If I’m reading this post correctly your son isn’t a satanist, he’s just having it at a satanic temple as a way of thumbing his nose at his grandparents, who you’ve already chastised.

TBH I think planning your entire wedding as a F your religion party to your grandparents is petty AF. He could have just not invited them and had the nice beach wedding he really wanted.

Having a wedding in a satanic temple to spite family is just as ridiculous as having a religious wedding to please the family. He’s still allowing the family to direct his choices instead of doing what he wants.

ninesuit922 writes:

Honestly NTA. I'm an atheist and I would never have a religious wedding. But I would also not use my wedding to mock someone else's religion.

Looks like OP is NTA here. Any advice for her?

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