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Mom boycotts son's halloween party after he 'weirdly' shames his sister. AITA?

Mom boycotts son's halloween party after he 'weirdly' shames his sister. AITA?


When this mom boycotts her own son's halloween party, she asks Reddit:

"AITA for refusing to go to my son's Halloween party since he won’t invite his sister after what she did to her BF?"

In our family we rotate who hosts the family event. This Halloween party is being done by my son and everyone was invited but his sister. She (Amy) cheated on her long distance boyfriend about four months ago. I don’t approve what she did, it was bad of her. Now I'm not going.

Now my son has taken her cheating personally, extremely personally. I had to tell him to shut up about it multiple times. Now today I was talking with her and she didn’t know when the party was. I called up my son and he told me she isn’t invited. I told him I will not be going if everyone in the family is invited besides her.

This is when the argument broke out. He called me some creative names for defending the sl&t of the family. I hung up after that. I told my husband what happened and he is also not going now. My son is angry and I am getting messages for not going to the party.

He is 28 and she is 23. I have talked to him about it, he can’t stand cheaters his exact words. He has never been cheated on from my knowledge. She already did that ( apologized), and then they broke up. She didn’t hide it. His attitude about this makes me think this will be a problem with him for a long time. AITA?

Let's see what readers thought.

jumpingspider97 writes:

NTA. Her cheating was between her and her partner at the time, sounds like she apologised and they broke up - finished. Unless her partner was a good friend of your son, then he really had no skin in the game - so it shouldn't be impacting his relationship with his sister any more.

gamblindgen writes:

NTA. This comes down to three main points for me. Yes, it's his home, he's allowed to invite or not invite whoever he wants. But that doesn't absolve him from being an asshole based on his reasons for inviting or not inviting a given person.

You, equally, are allowed to decide whether you want to go at all, and for whatever reason. That doesn't absolve YOU from being the asshole depending on your reasons.

His reason for not inviting his sister is, frankly ridiculous. It's sl&t shaming and misogynist and yes, he's taking it way too personally. In the absence of additional context, in my opinion, this is just a bad reason to leave out a family member from a family event and makes your son a total asshole.

YOUR reason for refusing to go, however, doesn't seem at all ridiculous to me. This isn't about whether your daughter cheating was right or wrong, imo that has genuinely nothing to do with this.

It never should have come into play. You're showing support for your daughter after she's been shown utter contempt by her brother, who weaponized a family event to try and shame her. NTA and regardless of what your daughter has done, I'm glad she at least has her parents supporting her.

Looks like OP is NTA here. Any advice for this mom?

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