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Mom complains about 'rude crowd' behavior when she brings her 10mo to a rave. + Update

Mom complains about 'rude crowd' behavior when she brings her 10mo to a rave. + Update


"Mom brings 10 month old to a rave."


Just a little reminder, if you ever go to a show and see a child or a baby there, I don't care how lost you are, have some respect. Last night I went to Zeds Dead here in Spokane at the knit and it was an awful experience.

People kept bumping into my 10 month old son, one guy spilled his drink on me and would not stop bumping me, I got smacked randomly a few times, and the worst part, we got so pack that we were literally unable to move.

I had to yell at everyone as I was shoving my way through the crowd " WE HAVE A BABY, YOU NEED TO MOVE" and people were very rude about it. It's not that hard to have fun and still be considerate of each other.

That's what this community should be about. Not getting so messed up that you become completely unaware of yourself and your surroundings. Raving should be a safe and enjoyable environment for anyone, not a place where people go to be rude and hurt each other. Plur always bass fam, that's how we take care of each other.



Since comments were turned off all I have to say is this, when there's no other option as a parent sometimes you have to bring your kids along. We couldn't find a babysitter last minute and we had already bought the tickets.

If you bring them and they don't like it, then you learn. We went to Big Gigantic when he was 4 months, had him in his back pack, proper ear protection, and he slept the whole time.

The crowd was super kind, everyone wanted to know about him, and there was room to dance. This just goes to show that if you do bring your baby to an all ages show it can work out completely fine.

I'm not saying this is something you should do all the time but like I said as a parent, sometimes it's just the choice you make.

And if you mess up you learn.

My biggest point of this post was to promote spreading plur not creating a toxic environment, especially at all age shows. Everyone has their opinion, but ultimately it was a trial experience, and we learned.That's what its like as a parent.

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I sincerely do not understand why anyone would think it’s appropriate to bring a child to a rave and then be shocked when people are outraged. That poor kid.


she had no other option, can’t you read?!


How dare I be so mean to her when all of her options were exhausted!! /s


"My baby was happy." Hell no that baby wasn't. That had to be hell on earth. Most babies just loooove the chaos of being bumped into and spilled on in a loud environment.

That's why you see babies on the bar dancefloor at 2am. Eta: Right there I said "most babies." Of course there are going to be babies that seem to enjoy the party, because like adults they're not all the same.


I'm a mom and I get very annoyed when people act like kids shouldn't just exist in public spaces, but that's ridiculous. There's a definite line and that's obviously way beyond it.

I also live in a very hot place and I see bozos going on hikes in 100+ degree heat and full sun with babies on their back. I still have the image of one passed out and hanging off his dad's backpack seared in my memory.

I hope that kid's ok. And I hope the death of that whole family including their baby and dog who died in California can serve as a warning to people on the dangers of heat, but again people are going to do dumb nonsense.

I don't think the results of that were publicized enough but hopefully those in the hiker set will take heed though. Poor kids though. They don't deserve it.


I'm a terrible mother and I posted on social media to prove it!

Oh wait, no, I thought you would all think everyone else was the problem. Well, are all toxic AF so there!


"We couldn't find a babysitter last minute and we had already bought tickets."

So either they couldn't plan to get a babysitter for shits, or they got the tickets last minute and didn't think about the baby until afterwards. Either way, they're horrible parents even without going to the rave.

So... yikes? Is any part of this excusable on the OP's part? Why did they think this was okay?

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