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Mom calls daughter 'oversensitive' and 'rude' for not using full first name.

Mom calls daughter 'oversensitive' and 'rude' for not using full first name.


'AITA for using my daughter's full first name?'

My daughter and I had an argument over her name and a friend told me to ask about it here. My daughter goes by a nickname that's a shorter version of her full first name, like Becky instead of Rebecca. (Fake name but you get the idea.)

I don't mind that she does that, but I'm getting tired of the way she corrects me when I introduce her. I use her full name because that's the name her dad and I gave her and I don't consider the nickname her real name. But when I introduce her, she'll immediately correct me like I called her a dirty word or something. Then she acts cold and distant toward me.

It's really embarrassing because whoever I'm trying to introduce her to sees her disrespecting me like that and it puts a damper on the whole mood.

It happened again today and I'd finally had enough. I told her to drop the attitude and stop disrespecting me over nothing.

She rolled her eyes, said 'Jesus Christ' (which she knows I hate because I'm Catholic) and then walked away from us and waited in the car. I was mortified and ended up crying in the bathroom.

I love my daughter but I'm at my wit's end here. I don't see anything wrong with introducing her by her real name and I think she's being oversensitive and rude.

But, my friend says I should see what other people think. So here I am.


Used_Mark_7911 asks:

INFO: is there any chance the nickname she is using also happens to be more like a boy’s name - Like Joe instead of Josephine?

EDIT: YTA either way but I feel you may be leaving out a pretty relevant piece of the story .

helpafrustratedmomma OP says:

The way it's pronounced is also used for boys, but she spells it differently.

Disneyland4Ever says:

YTA. How about I rephrase this as your daughter may routinely experience it, “My mom refuses to acknowledge that I have a preferred name I want people to use, it’s a version of my full name but it feels better to me. Every time my mom introduces me to new people she purposefully uses my full name, despite me correcting her repeatedly.

It’s embarrassing, because whoever she’s introducing me to see how little my mom respects me and it puts a damper on everything because she then acts upset when I’ve repeatedly corrected her.”

ScarieltheMudmaid says:

My mom named me something so common that no one at school would call me that because there was too many of us so I've been called by a nickname nearly my whole life and honestly hated my 'real' name.

My mom and I fought about it a million times before I legally changed my name to nickname and now she'll still try to put my birth name on things. I'm so grateful I moved a thousand miles away and don't see her often anymore. YTA op.

Embarrassed_Music910 says: want respect from your daughter, while actively disrespecting her on a regular basis.

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